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Announcing: Make | Sell | Grow

The Make-Sell-Grow Logo

Hi everyone,

If you’ve partnered with us for a while you know we have a big heart to help people who want to start a sew-from-home businesses. But…

Our website strategy, and support has been (well) pretty random!

First it was “Liberty Jane Partners and Premium Partners”, then we changed the Premium Partner concept into “The Cutting Room” and now we are changing the Liberty Jane Partners website into Make | Sell | Grow.

Call us crazy (and we are) but we are trying our best to figure out how to serve the following people:

1. Sew-From-Home Entrepreneurs Using Our Patterns As The Basis Of Their Work. We are so honored that over 1,300 of you have chosen to partner with us in this way. This website is for you.

2. Crafters & Artisans That Have Discovered Us Via Our Writing. We are grateful that God has opened the doors for us to write for both Penguin Publishing (about Sewing) and McGraw Hill (about Marketing). We are also passionate about self publishing more books like Craft Business Power, (currently the #1 Top Rated Book In Web-Marketing on Amazon).

So with a ton of apologies for another change – we are thrilled to announce that the Make | Sell | Grow site is up and ready for your use. It has all the old content from the Liberty Jane Partners site, and we will continue to add new resources.

We love you guys & want to serve you the best we can!

Jason & Cinnamon &

The Liberty Jane Clothing Team

How To Make Labels

A key part of developing a brand is to include tags or labels in the clothing that you sell. This adds value to the item in the customers eye and adds a level of collectability to the product. I make my own tags using white ribbon and printable  iron on transfer paper for dark t-shirts. Do not use the transfer paper for white t-shirts, it requires you to print a mirrored image and won’t work for this project. There are links below to the products on amazon, I’ve included these links so that you can see exactly what I’m using. You can buy this sort of paper through Amazon or at Wal Mart, Target , or an office supply store as well.

If you have any questions just post them below, I’ll try to get back to you asap with an answer.

Attack Of The Tall Dolls

Hi everyone, recently we saw an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about how lots of new 18 inch dolls are coming out. You can read it here.

In our view, this suggests an opportunity for each of you – if you want to begin targeting one of these dolls for your sewing business – it might prove to be a good niche. The other thought that comes to mind is that we’re going to need more people customizing our patterns to fit these various sizes. If any of you are interested in partnering with us in that way, (like Maiden Flight is doing with Karito Kids), just let us know. Obviously to do it you’ll need the ability to take our pattern and modify them to fit the new doll correctly, then work with us to publish the pattern guidebook.

Food for thought!

Jason & Cinnamon


Get Notified when we post…

Hi everyone,

We’ve added a little tool (over on the right) which allows you to ‘sign up’ to recieve an email when we publish something on this site. We think it works pretty well, (we’ve been testing it). You might need to ‘manage your settings’ after you’ve subscribed to actually specify that you want an email everytime we post. That is what we had to do…Let us know if you have any trouble with it.

Jason & Cinnamon

Product Safety – CPSIA…

Hi everyone, we’ve added a new page (look up at the top of our site) about Product Safety…with a brief video intro. And we’ve created a powerpoint presentation for you – saved in our Dropbox – it’s the black box over on the right side of this website. We’ve also placed 2 Consumer Protection Agency documents in the dropbox, which we thought you might find helpful. If you want to discuss CPSIA, leave a comment on the “Product Safety” page.

I hope you find this helpful, and Happy New Year!


Lessons From Lemieux…

Hi everyone, As you probably know Diana Lemieux is one of our partners – you probably LOVE her amazing hoodie pattern, (right?). This last week she had an auction end with a great final bid price and we thought we’d take a couple minutes to highlight the listing.

So let’s look at our Auction Blueprint and discuss the 9 factors to see if they played a part in this success…


Question for the group…

Hey, we figured out how to do a poll. Fun. So, first question…There are almost 50 of you, yet no one seems to comment very much under our posts. That’s okay, but we were wondering…would a forum be helpful to you?

Let us know what you think:


new website for libertyjaneclothing…

Hi everyone,

At long last our new and improved website is live. You can check it out at You’ll notice our partner page … If you are NOT listed there and want to be – let us know. So let us know if you don’t see your biz represented. This is a benefit of becoming a member of The Cutting Room.  If you have a logo – cool we’ll use it. If you don’t we’ll make you a simple black and white one.

You might also like the portfolio section. We are adding links to the various patterns used – it’s almost like a visual guide to which patterns we’ve used. You might see some of our work that you weren’t familiar with before… It will take us a while to get the links completely added. …and a while to get all of our outfits included…

Anyway, we wanted you to know about this because driving traffic to your sites is an important part of our promise to you. We’re hopeful this new method of driving traffic will help you. Let us know if you have questions, comments, or suggestions…or if you see an uptick in your visitors.

Thanks again for working with us.