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About Social Media Super Power: I don’t know about you – but I learn best by seeing and hearing how other people are doing things. And ideally, those other people are the smartest, most effective people in their field. 

So when I started writing Pinterest Power I had the idea of doing lots of interviews with gifted Pinterest users. So I found amazing people and simply asking them about how they were doing it. They shared everything!

Then I used the same approach for Instagram Power and Youtube Marketing Power!

So when I was done with all three books I had over 20 interviews with amazingly talented social media marketers.

It’s social media marketing gold!

So when I heard that the wonderful team at McGraw-Hill would allow me to share 10% of the content of my books as an excerpt – I thought – what better part to share than all the amazing interviews.

So I hope you enjoy learning from these incredible marketers – and of course – by downloading these books you’ll also be added to my weekly newsletter. If you don’t like that idea – you can always unsubscribe, but I hope you find tons of value in what I do each week – and my work becomes a real solid resource for you

All the best,

Jason Miles

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About Shop Class Entrepreneur: After Pinterest Power was published I went to visit my brother-inlaw in Florida. I told him about some of the ideas in the book. He told me that he was using Pinterest – but getting better results from Instagram.

Whe he showed me what he was doing with Instagram I thought it was genius!

So, I documented his story in a way that is easy to understand and implement. If you have an interest in a hobby or craft – you might consider copying his approach!

Thanks to his inspiration we implemented an Instagram strategy at Liberty Jane Clothing and that opened the door for me to write Instagram Power.





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About Marketing On Instagram With Visual Product Launches: If you polled 1,000 people who read Instagram Power – and you asked them about their favorite part – they’d probably tell you it was the concept of doing Visual Product Launches on Instagram

It is a fantastic little tactic.

So in this brief ebook I explain the strategy so you can implement it immediately. If you need a more in-depth explanation of how to get started on Instagram then of course Instagram Power is available for you.







My Personal Guarantee To You…


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Hey, just a quick final note – I know there are lots of shady online marketers out there – and I appreciate you trusting me enough to get my free resources and maybe even buy one of my books or programs.

I have a simple goal – to document effective marketing strategies for small business owners, crafters, and artisans.  If you ever feel like I’m doing anything uncool (or poorly) I’d love to hear from you.

I’m here to serve you!

Jason Miles

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