Are you wondering what we are all about?

The Beginning: Liberty Jane Clothing started in January 2008 as an Ebay store with the vision of creating custom fitted fashions for American Girl Doll owners. We focus on an intense level of detail, create custom patterned outfits, use top quality fabrics, and give our customers the chance to own something rare and beautiful. We sell our outfits at auction through our Ebay store.

The Birth Of Liberty Jane Patterns and Pixie Faire: In the fall of 2009 we decided to begin making our patterns available. That was a big step for us. Our reasoning was fairly simple. Although we are honored and thrilled at the high prices our outfits go for at auction, we realize there are a lot of people who won’t ever pay $500 for a doll outfit, but they would gladly buy a pattern and try to make something themselves. Our pattern site has grown to become  a legitimate publishing operation supporting a growing list of pattern publishers, and a customer base that is growing at an astounding rate.

In 2013 we launched Pixie Faire, the world’s largest doll clothes pattern marketplace.

Doll clothes pattern makers can list their patterns on the site, read more about that here.

And – Doll clothes makers can advertise their website or Etsy shop.

Liberty Jane Partners: When we began offering our patterns for work-from-home seamstresses we realized we had the opportunity to do something really cool – help small business owners. They use our patterns as the basis of their sew-from-home business, and they keep all the money. Currently there are several thousand people using patterns from Pixie Faire as the basis of their sew-from-home work.

Make | Sell | Grow: We migrated all our partner related work to the Make | Sell | Grow website in the Fall of 2013 so we could serve artisans and crafters as well as the sew-from-home entrepreneurs that we work with. This site is designed to provide solid resources for artists and crafters that want to sell online.

Our Corporate Vision:

To be a loved Brand: We envision Liberty Jane Clothing as an aspirational brand that has real equity in the hearts and minds of tween girls, moms, and doll collectors. A brand that is known for trendy design.

To Inspire: We hope to inspire young and old alike to explore their passion for sewing and designing. We offer our design tips and our patterns for this reason. Our patterns are very inexpensive so that anyone can afford them. Our Youtube Design Contests are intended to make girls work hard at design – to inspire and encourage.

To Equip: We hope to equip seamstresses to launch their home based businesses successfully. We believe the beauty and creativity of small production seamstresses can always outperform mass marketed products. We would love to see a huge selection of well made, well marketed 18 inch doll clothes on Ebay and Etsy. Additionally, we’ve begun to equip seamstresses in Africa and as we grow, we’ll do this more and more.

We’re excited to be in partnership with you!

Jason & Cinnamon


8 Comments on More About Us

  1. I would like to partner, not on a web site or ebay, just by selling to a few people or to place in some local shops. How do I go about doing this. Thank you, Dorene

    • Hi Dorene,

      Sorry for the slow reply.

      I’m send you a private message with information about next steps…

      All the best,


  2. I would love to become a “Partner” with Liberty Jane. I sew doll clothes on a limited basis, and use the doll clothes for fundraising for 2 Cancer groups.

  3. Jason, I too would like more info about partnering. I want to sell local. maybe craft shows. Thanks Donna

  4. Hey!
    I am looking all over, and can not figure out how to become a partner.
    I am a gymnastics coach, and would like to make some of the leotard and shorts patterns I found (and bought without realizing I could only use them for personal home use for kids I don’t have and dolls I don’t own until I had already paid for and downloaded the pattern) for selling in the pro shop and in our area, as well as my shop on etsy.
    Would you be willing to help me figure out what I need to be doing?
    Thank you so much 🙂

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