Resources We Use, Like, And Highly Recommend

(note, whenever possible we use the affiliate programs these companies offer, but we only recommend what we use and believe in)

Build Your Online Store

Shopify is the ecommerce website tool we use, like, and highly recommend. It is easy to use, comes with an amazing amount of help and support, and is very affordable. Don’t waste your time with other website tools, start and grow using the best – Shopify!

You can see how we use Shopify on and Be sure to take advantage of their free trial period offer…

Create Your Email Marketing List

MailChimp is the email service provider we use, love, and highly recommend. We have over 60,000 email addresses on several large lists and MailChimp does a fantastic job for us. It is easy to learn, offers great support, and the best part is – it is totally free to use until you have over 2,000 email addresses on your email list.

Get A Professionally Designed Logo

When it comes to branding a professional logo is critical. When we created both the Liberty Jane logo and the Pixie Faire logo we used 99 Designs to get a professional look and feel. We highly recommend them. Their contest method gives you hundreds of logos to choose from – all custom made for you. Learn more here.