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Recently I interviewed Terah Lites, (a new – and enthusiastic – Amazon seller). If you haven’t watched that interview yet I think you’ll enjoy it.

In today’s interview I sit down with the senior statesman of online selling – Jim Cockrum. He’s a bestselling author and is ranked as one of the most trusted online marketers and the foremost expert on Selling On Amazon. We discuss the opportunity to buy items locally and resell them on Amazon for a profit. I think you’ll enjoy the interview and the resources Jim provides…(note – the Skype recorder lags for a minute at the beginning, but then it corrects itself…sorry about that!).

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Let Jim give you a video overview of what you get when you join PAC:


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Final Thoughts from Jason,

I want to thank Jim again for taking the time to help educate the Make-Sell-Grow community. It’s an honor to work together with him to promote his resources and programs using his affiliate program. I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity!

4 Comments on Jim Cockrum Answers Retail Arbitrage Questions

  1. I really enjoyed that video interview! I purchased the video series about email lists from Jim Cockrum and am now on his email list, so I’ve been getting emails about his Amazon course. At first I wasn’t interested, but after watching the video interview you had with your sister-in-law, I was intrigued. After watching this one, I think I’ll purchase this course. I really appreciate the information and the time you spend to help all of us succeed. I am tempted to go to the CES conference just so I can meet all of you! 🙂 Too bad tickets from Germany to the states are so pricey, but I guess if this Amazon thing works for us, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem! Okay, now I’m just rambling…. 🙂

    • Thanks Rebecca,

      I’m happy to be of help – and please let us know how it goes! These are exciting times.


  2. What a huge hunk of stuff to think about! I’ve been working on some ideas, but my thinking seems now to be too small. I’ll be watching this video again. Then maybe I’ll have wrapped my head around it enough to ask questions!

    Thanks you both for bringing it!

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