Hi everyone,

In this video I walk you through a brief checklist to help clarify the brand brainstorming process. I think you’ll enjoy it. I also made a PDF version

Get the Brand Brainstorming Checklist PDF Here.

I’d love to answer any questions you have!

5 Comments on Brand Brainstorming Checklist

  1. Hi Jason,
    This email came at just the right time!! I really didn’t like
    the name that I submitted to Liberty Jane so I’ve been on a brain
    storming trying to come up with something different. I keep going back
    to this name Sweet to be Me! So far this looks available on Go Daddy and Etsy. My question is “What do you think of this name and what about Sweet 2 B Me! instead?” Thank you so much for the Make-Sell-
    Grow on Facebook I have learned so much!

    • Hi Billie,

      Thanks for asking my opinion. Glad we could be of help at just the right time – it’s always fun when that happens! So, I think there are a couple challenges with the name you’re considering. I’m not sure I understand what it means from a customer or prospect point of view. What (or why) is it sweet to be you? That doesn’t seem clear and you really want to avoid confusing customers during “first contact”. Additionally because of the way it’s worded, it seems fairly “you” focused and not customer focused. So that wouldn’t be perceived well. I hope that helps – and I’m glad you’re enjoying the Facebook group, I do too!

      • Thanks for answering my question! My focus for the name was definitely not toward myself, but building self-esteem in young kids that it’s okay to be themselves – not copy or be like someone popular or famous. So I’ve put to much thought into this and I need to start again with my name!

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