Hi everyone,

At long last our new and improved website is live. You can check it out at www.libertyjaneclothing.com. You’ll notice our partner page … If you are NOT listed there and want to be – let us know. So let us know if you don’t see your biz represented. This is a benefit of becoming a member of The Cutting Room.  If you have a logo – cool we’ll use it. If you don’t we’ll make you a simple black and white one.

You might also like the portfolio section. We are adding links to the various patterns used – it’s almost like a visual guide to which patterns we’ve used. You might see some of our work that you weren’t familiar with before… It will take us a while to get the links completely added. …and a while to get all of our outfits included…

Anyway, we wanted you to know about this because driving traffic to your sites is an important part of our promise to you. We’re hopeful this new method of driving traffic will help you. Let us know if you have questions, comments, or suggestions…or if you see an uptick in your visitors.

Thanks again for working with us.