Hi everyone,¬†As you probably know Diana Lemieux is one of our partners – you probably LOVE her amazing hoodie pattern, (right?). This last week she had an auction end with a great final bid price and we thought we’d take a couple minutes to highlight the listing.

So let’s look at our Auction Blueprint and discuss the 9 factors to see if they played a part in this success…

Design: Yeah, the jacket is cute and interesting – we’ve never seen one like that before.

Sewing Skills: The close-ups appear to suggest that the sewing is very very good. And her feedback and general reputation underscore that fact.

Photography: The pictures are close up, brightly lite, and focused. Very nicely done.

Writing: She explains clearly each part of the outfit – not too much extra, but enough to be very clear.

Scarcity: Her listing title and description make it clear this is rare item that won’t be available again.

Reputation: Diana has a solid reputation and a growing fan base.

Crowd Sourcing: By partnering with us she was able to have a large number of potential buyers look at the item.

Branding: She does a good job with her unique and interesting name – she uses it as her EBay user id, and for her Etsy store.

Pricing: She started this auction at just 99 cents. That allowed the maximum number of people to get emotionally invested early on.

Overall, we’d rank her outfit, and the listing, as very high in each of the nine categories that make up the Auction Blueprint.

Way to go Diana!




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Sewing Skill










Crowd Sourcing