Hi everyone,

If you’ve partnered with us for a while you know we have a big heart to help people who want to start a sew-from-home businesses. But…

Our website strategy, and support has been (well) pretty random!

First it was “Liberty Jane Partners and Premium Partners”, then we changed the Premium Partner concept into “The Cutting Room” and now we are changing the Liberty Jane Partners website into Make | Sell | Grow.

Call us crazy (and we are) but we are trying our best to figure out how to serve the following people:

1. Sew-From-Home Entrepreneurs Using Our Patterns As The Basis Of Their Work. We are so honored that over 1,300 of you have chosen to partner with us in this way. This website is for you.

2. Crafters & Artisans That Have Discovered Us Via Our Writing. We are grateful that God has opened the doors for us to write for both Penguin Publishing (about Sewing) and McGraw Hill (about Marketing). We are also passionate about self publishing more books like Craft Business Power, (currently the #1 Top Rated Book In Web-Marketing on Amazon).

So with a ton of apologies for another change – we are thrilled to announce that the Make | Sell | Grow site is up and ready for your use. It has all the old content from the Liberty Jane Partners site, and we will continue to add new resources.

We love you guys & want to serve you the best we can!

Jason & Cinnamon &

The Liberty Jane Clothing Team

2 Comments on Announcing: Make | Sell | Grow

  1. Hi Cindi,

    All the content for the site is here with no log-in required – the only other site with additional content is the Cutting Room site – the link is on the right hand side of this blog.

    Hope that helps!


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