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Jason & Cinnamon Miles founded Make | Sell | Grow as a resource for sewers, crafters, and artisans. The goal is simple - give tools, tips, and training in a simple to understand way.

Set Up A Blog

Hi everyone,

Chris Abraham has a terrific step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a blog. If you watched our Introduction to blogging webinar, then you’ll know this is the first step we’re recommending if you don’t have any website currently. Feel free to ask questions in the comment field below this video and we’ll use that as the Q&A forum for this topic.

Attack Of The Tall Dolls

Hi everyone, recently we saw an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about how lots of new 18 inch dolls are coming out. You can read it here.

In our view, this suggests an opportunity for each of you – if you want to begin targeting one of these dolls for your sewing business – it might prove to be a good niche. The other thought that comes to mind is that we’re going to need more people customizing our patterns to fit these various sizes. If any of you are interested in partnering with us in that way, (like Maiden Flight is doing with Karito Kids), just let us know. Obviously to do it you’ll need the ability to take our pattern and modify them to fit the new doll correctly, then work with us to publish the pattern guidebook.

Food for thought!

Jason & Cinnamon


Get Notified when we post…

Hi everyone,

We’ve added a little tool (over on the right) which allows you to ‘sign up’ to recieve an email when we publish something on this site. We think it works pretty well, (we’ve been testing it). You might need to ‘manage your settings’ after you’ve subscribed to actually specify that you want an email everytime we post. That is what we had to do…Let us know if you have any trouble with it.

Jason & Cinnamon

Product Safety – CPSIA…

Hi everyone, we’ve added a new page (look up at the top of our site) about Product Safety…with a brief video intro. And we’ve created a powerpoint presentation for you – saved in our Dropbox – it’s the black box over on the right side of this website. We’ve also placed 2 Consumer Protection Agency documents in the dropbox, which we thought you might find helpful. If you want to discuss CPSIA, leave a comment on the “Product Safety” page.

I hope you find this helpful, and Happy New Year!


Are you looking for a good camera?

We use a Canon 300D, and you can find them on Ebay for pretty inexpensive. Here is a link to some:

Click here to see what’s currently on EBay

As we’ve said in our photography posts – upgrading your camera is a key to success. And the funny thing is, you really don’t have to spend very much to get a good product photography camera, (like the 300D), and a good product photography lens, (like this one).

Let me know if you have any questions about camera decisions.


Question for the group…

Hey, we figured out how to do a poll. Fun. So, first question…There are almost 50 of you, yet no one seems to comment very much under our posts. That’s okay, but we were wondering…would a forum be helpful to you?

Let us know what you think: