Recently we announced the launch of a new class (Sewing Camp Power) in partnership with Jennifer Serr. Lots of people have had questions so we decided to put together a simply Q&A. Here’s the promo video we put together as well:  

Q&A With Jennifer Serr:

Sewing Camp Power Q. Who is this course intended for? A. This class is intended for anyone interested in teaching groups of children how to sew and for those interested in adding a new stream of income to their sewing business. Q. Do you need to know about the fashion industry to teach sewing camps using this model, or just sewing? A. You do NOT need to know about the fashion industry to teach sewing camps.  You need only the passion and willingness to pass on your sewing skills to the next generation.  If you are into quilting, you can gear your camps toward quilting and likewise to sewing for dolls.  I connect with children through fashion, but there are many ways you can connect with them as well. The course DOES include a few fashion lessons that give you some “fashiony” tools to work with. Q. Do I need to have my own store or studio to do this model? A. NO, you do not need your own store.  Of course, it helps if you have your own store or studio, however, you can run camp easily by renting out a space.  We talk about finding a location in the modules. Q. What’s the best part of running sewing camps? A. The BEST part of running sewing camps is seeing the enthusiasm and sparks of delight from the children.  They get so excited about making things and get so much confidence from the process. Q. What’s the hardest part of running sewing camps? A. The HARDEST part of running sewing camp is jumping back and forth between students and their projects.  We usually try to minimize the juggling, by creating a pattern list for the students to choose from.  We are familiar with all the patterns so we can anticipate what’s coming next. Q. How long does it take to get a program up and running? A. It took me about 4 months to plan and execute my first sewing camp.  Now I start about 9 months in advance. Q. How much money do I need to invest to get a program up and running? A. You can get rolling with just a couple hundred dollars – If you have a shop or studio already, maybe even a little less. With a little planning and a good system, you can be profitable your first season. Q. Is the program just for Summer Camp? A. We run sewing camps all year long.  Our fullest camps are definitely over the summer.  Much of what I cover in Sewing Camp Power is geared towards the summer season, but it can definitely be modified to work for day-long or shorter holiday break camps.

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4 Comments on Sewing Camp Power Q&A

  1. The classes offered through MSG and Pixie Faire are all great. I have participated in several. The patterns are all wonderful too. I love the diversity.

  2. I am hoping this class will give me tips etc. in helping me to teach my two granddaughters to sew. I am planning on having them at our home next summer for about three days of classes. I want to make it fun. I am also planning on buying the girls their own sewing machine. I have asked about this before and was given some models to look for. Any tips on an affordable sewing machine would be appreciated. Hopefully the Holidays will bring great sales.

    Anyways, my main concern is will this class be good for the many Grandmas like myself who simply want to teach their Granddaughters to sew.

    • Hi Marcy,

      I think the class will give you excellent outlines, suggestions and activities for teaching – whether it’s your grand daughters or other kids.

      Jason & Cinnamon

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