Back To School VIP Sneak Peak

Hey Liberty Jane Partners – On Monday (9/7/15) we’ll be launching several new Fall 2015 Classes at Pixie Faire and we’ll also be including an insanely great “$10,000 Back To School VIP” bonus offer for you. In this post I’ll tell you all about the new classes, VIP offer, and behind the scenes details.

New Fall 2015 Courses:

In addition to offering the Design Academy in September and the Pattern Academy in October – we have several new classes being launched. Here’s more information

Sewing Camp Power: We are incredibly excited to partner with Jennifer Serr the gifted designer behind the Bonjour Teaspoon brand to offer you a VERY unique “business-in-a-box” course, (meaning she tells you exactly how to do everything and gives you templates, tools, and resources). We are calling the course Sewing Camp Power and it is a full 8-part video based course with a private Facebook group where Jennifer will personally coach you on your program. I’ll join her to help answer branding and marketing related questions.

This course will teach you how to start your own sewing camp program in your home town. Jennifer has grown her sewing camp business into a very successful venture over the last 8 years. Of course we can’t guarentee you will have any results, but I was shocked when Jennifer told me her students pay $410 per week to attend her camp – and that she has 7 weeks of summer camp – and 20 students enrolled each week. (I’ll do the math for you – that’s almost $60,000). This course might change your life and we are thrilled to be partnering with Jennifer on it. It will launch in October and be listed on Pixie Faire this week. The price will (likely) be $199. Last week Cinnamon and I stopped by Jennifer’s shop near San Francisco and made this video:

Craft Selling Power: I’ve been working on a companion course to Craft Business Power and I’m really excited to announce that Craft Selling Power will be launched in November. In it I’ll explain dozens of selling strategies all designed to do one thing – help you make sales! Lots of people have asked me over the last seven years, “how’d you do that?”

  • How do we sell Cinnamon’s designs for hundreds of dollars?
  • How did we get 1 million patterns downloaded from Pixie Faire?
  • How did we grow a thriving six figure business in this niche?
  • How did you get four best-selling books into Barnes & Nobles in the last 4 years?

The answer is – we used specific selling strategies that we’ve never discussed publicly before. We’ve revealed a few of them in our books here and there, but we’ve never created a focused, indepth training. The truth is – there are a collection of selling strategies that are at the core of our work. This course will be a complete video based (one month long) program that walks you through how to implement these in your business. The course will be available in November and likely be $199.

The Back To School VIP Bonus (Context)

Our Summertime VIP Bonus was a smash hit. So we’ve decided to make a special Fall version. But this one is a much bigger bonus and it is worth explaining.

Who Am I Trying To Help: I work with roughly 3,500 crafters and artisans, most of them use patterns found at Pixie Faire as the basis of their work. We hangout online together on Facebook and I generally ask a daily question. Over the summer I asked a set of questions to try to really understand what was happening with their businesses here is what I found:

The $2,000 Barrier: I was curious how much money this group needs to make in order to stop working outside their house – and go full-time as an online entrepreneur – good question, right? As it turns out the vast majority of responders to my recent survey said less than $2,000 a month – and many said $1,000. So the vast majority could stop 1) working for other people 2) commuting 3) buying business clothes 4) spending money on lunches and gas – and “live their dream” of leaving the 9-5. Here’s that poll:

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 11.05.24 AM










Trying To Make Their Money Online Without A Website: I was also intrigued to find out that the vast majority of the people (who answered my poll and it stands to reason it’s a fairly good sample group of all 3,500) don’t have a website – yet – they are trying to make money selling online. We all know what that means, (they are depending on Etsy. Now, Etsy is fine, but you also obviously need your own website. Here’s that poll:

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 11.05.40 AM










Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 11.14.31 AM








No One Is Helping Them Implement: In this poll I was curious to know how many of the 3,500 have help implementing their online marketing plans and efforts. Then I wondered if they wanted my help. It appears they do:

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 11.06.02 AM









Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 11.05.52 AM









My $10,000 (Limited Time) Bonus:

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 7.43.24 AMBased on all of this feedback, and countless conversations in the Facebook group, I realized that what many of you need is NOT more information. You need help getting things done at a professional level. So rather than just offer you a discount on the price of the classes or additional freebies – I’ve decided to offer a “done-for-you” type bonus this fall. Done-for-you as in “I do the work for you”. The truth is – I wish I could help each of our partners refresh their branding and build a nice website, but I just can’t. And many aren’t ready for that anyway. But I wish I could!

So my offer is simple: 

Purchase 2 out of the 3 Fall Courses, (an investment of just under $400), and I’ll include the following bonuses to help you:

A Professional Branding Consultation: This includes me personally working with you to clarify and strengthen your existing brand concept, or helping you craft an entirely new one. Am I qualified? Well, I was formerly the Senior Vice President of Marketing at a large University, teach marketing as an adjunct professor, and I typically charge $1,000 an hour when speaking and consulting. Yes, I know, that’s a lot. But over the next 2 months I’ll speak for the American Marketing Association in Minneapolis, the Event Managers Association in Las Vegas, and The CES Conference in Louiseville. So I’m not exaggerating when I say that my time is very valuable.  This service is easily worth $5,000 (and probably much more).

A Professional Logo Treatment: Based on our work together I’ll manage the creative process to have a professional logo treatment done-for-you. My team will manage the process and present you with several options that you can choose from. We guarantee you’ll get a logo you’re happy with and feel proud of – and most importantly it will be based on a brand concept that is well conceived and put together – so you’ll be building on a strong foundation – not randomness. Although you can have this work done very inexpensively now days, you cannot have a marketing professional assist you in making it all happen without paying a lot of money. This bonus is easily worth $3,000.

A Website Built For You: When the logo consultation and treatment is done we’ll complete a website for you. It will include up to five pages of custom content and be connected to your unique URL. The site will feature you, your product information, and contact information. It will include beautiful doll (or other craft) related photography that we will provide to you. Note: You’ll have to help pull some of this together such as your biography. Additionally, if you want a (optional) custom domain (URL) then you’ll need to sign-up for a small monthly expense to pay for that moving forward. That expense is to cover domain and hosting charges and isn’t paid to us. As with the logo treatment, you can get a simple website built relatively inexpensively these days, but you cannot have a marketing professional help you inexpensively. This is easily a $2,000 bonus.

Social Media Integration: (Optional If You Want It): If you don’t have both an Instagram and Pinterest account currently – and want those set up to integrate with your shiny new website – we will even do that for you too. Of course if you already have social media accounts, we will link those to your new website.

Training Material: To ensure you understand how to keep your new website updated we’ll provide a set of resources and training materials so you understand it all. Although we can’t be your website manager moving forward, we are more than happy to answer the occassional question.

How to get this offer:

The classes launch October 5th.

October Pattern Academy

October Sewing Camp Power

November Craft Selling Power

Simply purchase any combination that adds up to $395 or more and you’ll be offered the Back To School VIP Bonus through the shopping cart on Pixie Faire. Once you purchase and get the bonus offer – you’ll be given more information about how the branding and website project will occur.

Limit 100 & Other Restrictions:

Overwhelmed Clause: I’ll be completely honest – I’m excited to work with you – I wouldn’t offer this if I didn’t LOVE branding and website building! But there is a limit to the time I can devote to this project. So I am going to reserve the right to end this special bonus offer at any time – without notice. The reason is simple – I have NO idea how many of you will take me up on this offer. I am prepared to work with up to 100 of you. Beyond that – I just cannot imagine maintaining this as a (fun) and timely project. I’m afraid beyond that number I will feel like I don’t have the mental and emotional bandwidth to give each of you a unique, fun, and professional experience. So I reserve the right to remove this VIP bonus based on this concern.

Insanity Clause: Additionally, I reserve the right to refund you your course money and “opt out” of working with you. I know 99.9% of the people reading this are 1) cool 2) rational 3) professional people, but in the odd chance you’re insane (or insanely hard for me to work with) – I’ll politely refund you the cost of the classes, remove you from the rosters, and we can agree to part ways in a civil and kind manner. I’m sure this won’t happen, but I want to make sure to say it here in the odd chance that we have a bad experience together.

No Back-dating Clause: Finally, we are unable to apply this offer backwards in time. So if you purchased classes over the summer, this offer doesn’t apply to them.

I sincerely hope you’ll take me up on this offer! I realize spending $395+ on programs and courses is a serious investment in your business and you’re wise to pray over it. Then again – if you want to succeed online and you need help with these activities – this might be the best done-for-you deal you ever see online.

Am I crazy for offering this? I’m open to your opinion, feedback, or questions about the offer.