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Set Up A Blog

Hi everyone,

Chris Abraham has a terrific step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a blog. If you watched our Introduction to blogging webinar, then you’ll know this is the first step we’re recommending if you don’t have any website currently. Feel free to ask questions in the comment field below this video and we’ll use that as the Q&A forum for this topic.

Lessons From Lemieux…

Hi everyone, As you probably know Diana Lemieux is one of our partners – you probably LOVE her amazing hoodie pattern, (right?). This last week she had an auction end with a great final bid price and we thought we’d take a couple minutes to highlight the listing.

So let’s look at our Auction Blueprint and discuss the 9 factors to see if they played a part in this success…


Are you looking for a good camera?

We use a Canon 300D, and you can find them on Ebay for pretty inexpensive. Here is a link to some:

Click here to see what’s currently on EBay

As we’ve said in our photography posts – upgrading your camera is a key to success. And the funny thing is, you really don’t have to spend very much to get a good product photography camera, (like the 300D), and a good product photography lens, (like this one).

Let me know if you have any questions about camera decisions.


Facebook Fanpage with a Vanity URL…

Hi everyone,

Katie J just asked us about how to make a ‘vanity url’ in Facebook – (that’s where your page name is short and nice, instead of long and random). We’d never taken the time to figure that out ourselves, so we just figured it out – shared it with Katie, but also thought we’d share it as a post.

Obviously having your brand clearly represented in Facebook is a great idea. So, here is a link on how to do it:


Adding Photobucket pics to Ebay – Screencast…

Hi everyone,

Cathy asked a great question about how to add photobucket pictures to Ebay listings, (in response to our post “3 Ways to Add Wow”). So, here’s a screencast showing you how we do it. Why do it this way? Well, this allows you to add as many pictures to your listing as you want – for free!! And it’s within Ebay’s policy guidelines, so it’s a great way to save money and improve the quality of your listings. Enjoy, and leave comments below if you have questions…

[wpvideo i0CHdyBh]