Hi everyone, we made a new screencast for you. This is intended to be an intro to blogging. Please leave questions or comments below, (let us know if you liked it, or if you have specific questions).

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  1. Great presentation!

    Do you do Vulcan Mind melds???? Sure would be a LOT easier for some of us not so savy computer types!!!

    Seriously, I have been wondering about blogging and the effect on sales, etc. You answered LOTS of my questions including how to get started. One of my concerns is the time it will take to get a blog started and to maintain while trying to get all the sewing done, etc., especially as one person.

    Please do another presentation on setting up a wordpress.com blog site. It will help to have directions from you to refer to while setting up a blog.

    Thank y’all for all you do for the Partners!
    HUGS… Mama Lisa

  2. Thanks. I’m happy to do a step-by-step screencast for setting up a wp.com site. No problem. I’ll try to do it in the next few weeks.


  3. Thanks, this was most helpful. Now I am going up to WordPress and see about a blogging site.

  4. This was really very informative. I have “Starting a Blog” on my “To Do” list. Now, if I just live long enough to get to everything on that list. Thanks so much for all of your help.

  5. Very hard to do all this for one person. And sew and create, especially when people are constantly asking what have you got done.

    • Agreed. There is never enough time in the day. As some of you have noticed, Liberty Jane is a joint effort – Jason does all the web/marketing stuff, so that Cinnamon can sew and design. We realize this is a huge advantage for us, and not having someone to help you (if you don’t have someone) has got to be frustrating. That’s why we set up this site, and we’re trying to do everything we can to assist you as you grow your business. Jason is typing this reply, and chatting with Cinnamon about it, who is frantically trying to get something in the mail before she misses today’s pick-up. Hang-in there and let us know if there are things we can do to be of further help.

      Jason & Cinnamon

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