Hi Makers,

This week I launched my first Udemy course, Shopify Power: Build An Ecommerce Website & Sell Products. The course is just $20, less than the cost of a hardback book, but I’d love to have you try it for half off!

Help Me Launch Shopify Power (Coupon)

I’ve set up a special launch promotional coupon too (limited to the 1st 100 users and then it’s back to the regular price) – I’m doing this for two reasons. First, I’d love to make sure you can get this training if you want it – so price isn’t an issue. Second, so you can help me launch it and provide me with some early reviews. All I ask in return is for your highest and best review on the course – the course reviews are a vital part of getting the course off to a great start. If you can’t wholeheartedly endorse the course, send me an email and let me know how I can improve it. Here’s the coupon link: Shopify Power Coupon Code Link

10 Reasons Shopify Is Awesome (Video)

Rather than making a long blog about it – I recorded a video describing the 10 reasons we think Shopify is awesome – and why it might be right for your business, (this link to will take you to the Udemy page where you can play the full video),

Shopify: 10 Reasons Shopify Is Awesome

More About How We Use Shopify

If you’re not familiar, Shopify is the ecommerce platform we use to run Pixie Faire. Think of it like the ‘back-office’ tool we use to set up and run our website. We serve more than 70,000 customers, serve up over 1 million page-views a month, and transact 40,000-50,000 orders each month – so we know it works really well – it’s battled tested in the real world and we highly recommend it if you’ve decided an ecommerce site is right for you.

If you want to sign-up for shopify we’re more than happy to have you use our affiliate link. It is not our motivation (in any way) but Shopify does offer a small reward if we refer people, so we are happy to include it here since we believe in the product a lot. But you should watch the 10 Reasons video first, learn about the course, investigate other options, and only move forward with Shopify if you’re sure it’s right for you!

I hope you enjoy this course – see you on the inside!