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More of, Less Of Goal Setting worksheetThis week I’m working on my 2016 planning using an old method I learned somewhere along the way. It’s called “More Of, Less Of, Different”. I thought I’d make you a little worksheet so you’ll have a good resource to use as well. I’ve added it as an 8X10 PDF file so you can print it out easily. Here is what it looks like. Let me describe each section briefly.

More Of: The more of category is the section where you list the things or activities you want more of in 2016. I generally look back at 2015 and ask the question, “what went well in 2015 that I want to make sure happens even more in 2016”

Less Of: The less of category is the section where you list the things or activities you want less of in 2016. I look back on 2015 and ask the question, “what happened in 2015 that I want to happen less (or not at all) in 2016?”

Different: The different category is the section where I list what things that worked okay, but should be done differently. I look back on 2015 and ask the question, “what worked okay in 2015 that could work better in 2016 if we did it differently?”

HH Goal: The High-Hard Goal section is where I list my big aspiration for 2016. The phrase “high hard goal” comes from the book Bold by Peter Diamandis the famous creator of the Ansari X Prize. It’s a book that really inspired my in 2015. The HH Goal is where I ask myself, “if there was one thing I could imagine that would really be a break-through, what would it be?”

What’s my outcome? Here’s how I used this tool to plan my 2016. I won’t bore you with the details related to each concept, but I have specific plans and details for each of these.

More Of: Partners and products. I’m excited about launching several private label brands in 2016 – and several new product lines. You’ll hear more about these over the next few months.

Less Of: Teaching and online classes. I’ve decided that I’m going to limit my online classes (just sticking to the few that I’ve already committed to). I’m also going to limit my public speaking to just truly exceptional (and fun) events that Cinnamon and I can enjoy together.

Different: I’m going to focus on team building, hiring, and partnership development.

High Hard Goal: I’m going to try to push for a 7 figure year (revenue exceeding 1 million) for our core business Liberty Jane/Pixie Faire and a 7 figure year for Sew Powerful as well.

I hope you have an amazing 2016!










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  1. Hi Jason,
    I have to tell you that you and your wife are inspirational people and well deserve your success. I wish you lots more in the future. I only learned about Pixie Faire and Libery Jane a year ago (Dec 2014). I was informed my 2 granddaughters were getting an AG doll and a cheaper version for Christmas and would I get the special holiday dress for the oldest’s AG as a C’mas gift. I did buy the dress but thought it was much too expensive for a doll! Little did I know. Meanwhile I devised a few outfits and caught the bug! I ended up taking the Design and Pattern making courses you offered early last year. I’ve bought tons of your patterns and love to support the great designers you showcase. I’ve designed a group of nightwear patterns that need some refining but my biggest hurdle is making a professional printable patterns without having to pay thousands for software. It doesn’t make financial sense but I can’t find anything on the web that is relatively inexpensive and seems simple enough to use.
    One of your goals is having more partners. If you know some good options regarding pattern production and can share them I think you’d have tons of new partners.
    Your stable of designers may have Coke up with some good methods and programs. Help! And I know it will be reciprocated!! Thanks.

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