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Today I’m sharing one of the videos from our Craft Business Academy. I think you’ll really enjoy it. I’d encourage you to consider jumping into our next Craft Business Academy course. It is schedule for July, but I’m considering offering it in March if there is enough interest.

Get tons of tutorials, tips, and techniques: http://www.pinterest.com/jasonmiles/photo-lessons-inspiration/

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I’d love to hear your tips for Product Photography – just add them as a comment.


6 Comments on 6 Step Photography Tutorial Video

  1. Jason,
    Thanks for the tutorial.
    Re: “managing the background”.
    When photographing an outfit on my “model”, should I create a theme or use a neutral/complementary background to best display the product? I’ve seen both and want your opinion.

    • Great question. I think if the background theme compliments and enhances the product – it’s fine. That’s the same with props. They can make a very compelling presentation, (but of course you’d want to do a different background every time you release a new product). But if any of that distracts from the product in any way, then it’s a mistake. The focus needs to be on the product. For that reason, the simplest thing is to just do a neutral /solid background. Using white foam core is the simplest trick to getting a solid white background. When you create a lot of product and do a lot of photography for it you get lots of chances to experiment… so…that’s my best suggestion – try different things out and see how people respond.

  2. Jason, I have a new iPhone 6 Plus. Is this suitable for taking my pictures.

    Please advise


    • No – the problem is – for product photography you really need a proper lens. People will argue the point with me, but I am a strong believer in using a DSLR with a fixed length lens for product photography. 🙂

  3. I got a Canon 300d like you recommended as well as Photoshop Elements 13. My computer has Windows 8.1 and it doesn’t recognize that the camera exists when I try to import pictures. The computer, the new Photoshop, and the old camera are definitely not compatible unless I just haven’t found the secret. I think, for that reason, a newer camera is necessary unless you have an older operating system than Windows 7. (I tried on that when mine didn’t work.)I just don’t want others to have the same problems that I had.

    • Thanks for the feedback Sarah, I’m a MAC guy, so I’m not sure how to recommend you deal with the Windows related issues – although I can tell you that most PCs and MACS have card readers that can read the memory cards for both the older and newer cameras. Navigating to the images is simple on a MAC, hopefully you can figure it out for Windows 8.1

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