Hi everyone,

In this video I give you a walk-through of my “Pricing Nerd, Yes I Am” Pinboard.

Be sure to visit my collection – it includes some fantastic resources including:

  • 22 Pricing Strategies That Work
  • Etsy: How to calculate your expenses
  • The Science Of Pricing Infographic
  • How To Price Homemade Crafts
  • Psychological Pricing Explained
  • Price Elasticity explained video
  • Differentiating through Pricing video
  • How to handle price objections
  • Great pricing advice from the King Of Copy
  • The “Right Price” article
  • The complete guide to freemium business models
  • Charlie Munger on Pricing Power
  • Warren Buffett on Pricing Power
  • Introduction to Pricing lecture notes, (University of Delaware)
  • Cheaper Prices Don’t Help You Build Goodwill article
  • 3 Pricing mistakes article
  • Seth Godin – The 2 Reasons You’re Not Getting What You’re worth
  • The 9 Laws of Price Sensitivity and Consumer Psychology
  • Malcolm Gladwell on Grey Poupon Pricing (video)
  • Hal Varian (Google Guru) on Competition (video)
  • The art and science of pricing article

If you need help with pricing strategies – be sure to visit the pinboard at: http://www.pinterest.com/jasonmiles/pricing-nerd-yes-i-am/

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