Hi everyone,

Cinnamon and I made you a special video today announcing a bigger / better Craft Business Power project – we’re turning it into a full class that will occur from January 5th through 30th. I’ll share more details over the next few weeks, but we wanted to make this video to explain what we’re doing!

The Craft Business Academy course is being launched on www.pixiefaire.com. Special Note: If you purchase before December 1st you’ll get the Black Friday-Cyber Monday specials bonuses on Pixie Faire too! We hope you’ll consider joining us! You can learn about those here: www.pixiefaire.com/online-classes

Craft Business Academy V4 2

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  1. Hey Jason & Cinnamon,
    Just saw your video and I am so proud of you guys. It was really cool to see Cinnamon on it too. She should be on it more often. Now I want to know how you make it, is there someone filming you are is it on a tripod? Anyway it’s cool to see how innovative you are and God’s blessing is upon you both.
    I really need to have time to read your books and learn how to instagram, and pixi… I need a lesson.

    Have a great Thanksgiving. Please let us know the next time you come to YC. Take care and we love you.


    • Thanks Shelley,

      I agree – we need Cinnamon on screen more!! We are going to be in YC over the Christmas holiday – we’ll send you a fb message to let you know the details. We can give you a lesson in person 🙂

      Say high to everyone for us – we love you guys!

      Jason & Cinnamon

  2. I am looking forward to seeing on Pixie Faire what will be available for classes for January. I wanted you both to know that I am including you both in my what am I thankful for come this Thursday with my family. I cant wait to see your lectures Jason I know I will learn alot from them. And I saw your Seattle Seahawks jacket! Go Seahawks I want to see them win the Superbowl again this year!!!!!!!!!! I sell my American Girl Doll clothes on Ebay and I am doing ok but looking forward to doing better.

  3. Hi Jonna,

    We’ve got more information on Pixie Faire – including the schedule for each of the classes for 2015. Here are the links:


    Thank you – we are incredibly honored to be able to share ideas and encouragement with people as they work on their home-based businesses. I know we’re going to have a great time together in this course.

    Looking forward to next steps,

    Jason & Cinnamon

  4. All signed up and can’t wait to get started!

    • Thanks Robin,

      We’ll have general information go out about mid-December…

      Excited to work with you on this stuff,


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