Hi everyone,

In this week’s video I walk you through the first part of our Product Stacking method.

I’ve also attached the worksheets I used as PDF files – so if you want to follow along you can click on them, print them out, and use them as we walk through it.

As a reminder, if you want my help implementing this for your business, or The Traffic Stacking Method, then you’ll want to jump into our Craft Business Academy that is starting in January. One of the bonuses is the complete Traffic Stacking and Product Stacking workbooks. These are new projects I’m working on that aren’t available anywhere else yet. Learn more here. Here are the worksheets:


as is with borderidea audit with border

simple rules worksheet with border

2 Comments on Product Stacking Method, Part One

  1. Thanks Jason. This is really helpful to someone like me who sells on etsy because I craft well, but doesn’t have any business management skills as yet.

    BTW – people may ask you about selling DOG clothes so much because it is such a HUGE market. People are willing to spend ridiculously large amounts of money on dressing their pets, so I am assuming that someone who make a good product could also make a generous mark-up on their product.

    • Hi Lucy, thank you! I hope 2015 is a great year for your Etsy store. Yeah, people love their dogs!


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