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The Newsletter Is Online

In┬áthis week’s newsletter we offer a special invitation to join us in the pattern making business – it won’t be for everyone – but if you’ve ever wanted to publish patterns as an additional source of income -this newsletter is for you.

We hope you enjoy the article! Tell us what you think about it by leaving a comment below.

Jason & Cinnamon

4 Comments on Add Pattern Making To Your Online Income

  1. I am so enjoying these newsletters. Thanks so much for doing this. The link for the pattern academy is not working but I would love to be added to the list.

  2. Jason & Cinnamon, I loved the Feb. Design Academy and learned so much. I am about 90% of the way toward creating a pattern for a doll bucket bag and 50% done with a darling skirt and top. You will be hearing from me soon. Thank you for all your help toward realizing a dream that I’ve had for a while. I appreciate all that you do for us partners.

    • Hi Linda,

      Awesome – we look forward to it – and thank you. It’s an honor to partner together with such wonderful people.


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