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In┬áthis week’s newsletter we answer an interesting question – what if a super genius was going to do the sales and marketing for your online business? What if they were trying to sell doll clothes or other crafts online? What would they do and how can we learn from them?

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4 Comments on How To Become A Genius At Online Sales And Marketing

  1. I thought this newsletter was awesome–maybe the best yet! Great job.

  2. Been reading some of your blog posts and the new book (via the invite to choose a cover) and a few things strike me. Most notably though that it’s the little things that matter. Persistence is a little thing, though I don’t think most look at it that way. Persistence is every minute, every day, so it’s like your post about pennies into dollars. It’s focus. Almost a puzzle, though the pieces don’t all come nicely in a box. We have to seek them, test them, discard what doesn’t work, and forge ahead.
    The other thing is that no genius could create or run your business better than you can. No one else has the answers: only you do. That’s a blessing, although some times it feels as though it’s the opposite! But others often bring a lightbulb moment, a piece of the puzzle. Frankly, I have been highly successful in my field, and I attribute that yes to talent, but more so to my inherent attitude of sharing and boosting others. And so, I appreciate what you are doing immensely. There’s an assumed “Em” before the word that threads through your book titles before “Power.” What you’re doing has both meanings.

    • Hey, I like that – I am trying to em-power folks – I love helping people. Thanks for your wise insight on this stuff.

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