Hi everyone, We are really excited about our new ebook for crafters, artisans, and small business owners. Want to help us decide on the cover and final title? Give us your feedback and win a chance to get all five of our paperback books, plus a seat in the February Design Academy.


Cover & Title Poll:

Tell us what you think is better – option #1 or option #2 – by participating in the poll below. Cover Option One: The “Internet Pricing Power” option – (with white, red, and black). Cover Option Two: The “Craft Pricing Power” option – with denim and a design that generally matched Craft Business Power.

Comment Contest

To enter the comment contest – leave a comment with your feedback on this post. In your comment, answer the question, “I like Option, [insert option], because, [insert reason].

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The winner will be chosen at random on January 26th, 2014.

Give Us Your Feedback

Not only is this a comment contest – it’s also a chance to get your feedback about our new books title and cover art. We know that “Pricing” was the #1 issue that our Liberty Jane Partners expressed concerns with when we recently asked them. So we want to make sure we’re presenting this information in a way that appeals to craft business owners. Let us know what you think.

118 Comments on ebook Cover Comment Contest & Poll

  1. Option # 1 because the colors are bright and grabs your attention more so that the second option.

  2. I like the title for option two because I would say that those of us reading your books are making some type of craft/sewing project. Internet pricing could mean an array of things. Some of us do not sell our products on the net; it is just a local sale. In searching for books, I would probably overlook it because of the title since my interest lies in the area of sewing or crafts. Whereas I like the title for option 2′ the book needs a little color…..maybe some of the red or white from option 2…..a little eye-catcher. Good luck!

  3. I like option two because of the cover design with the pocket, the colors and the focus on independent crafters/artisans. I think option one is a bit cold….

  4. I prefer option 1 because the red & black contrast is more appealing than the fafed denim one. I associate denim with the 90s and it feels dated to me.

  5. I like Option 2 because the design does make you think of Craft Business power and that these two books together make a great team. One seems a little too in your face if that makes sense?

  6. I like option 2 because it is more visually interesting. I think the title more accurately reflects that the pricing advice you are offering is geared to crafts that are sold in more places than just the internet. Maybe add a little dash of color to catch the eye.

  7. The red and black cover is clean and balanced. The denim one is busy, has too many fonts, the “10” is disassociated from it’s text of “Proven Pricing Principles”. Did you mean to have all that alliteration? There is something dark and dingy about the denim one that makes it recede instead of stand out. I agree with Barbara, it’s dated. A thought – A lot of books have screaming text on the cover, but what really grabs my attention is a picture. Good luck!

  8. I like option #1. It’s eye catching and, in my opinion, easier on the eyes. The font on #1 is clearer, too.

  9. Maybe the words “Craft” or “Internet” in the title are both limiting. The concepts in Jason’s book are for “small business marketers”, not necessarily crafters or just for use on the internet. If you take those words away, then all you’ve got left are “P” words, except for the number 10. I don’t know if that much alliteration is a good thing or not. Newsmen seem to like it.

  10. I like Option 2, because it looks like more work and thought was put into it. The black and white looks very simple.

  11. I prefer Option 1. This cover has an eye catching appeal and will attract sellers in all areas of design. Red is eye catching and insights excitement to the reader.

    Option 2 cover is to to ordinary and not something that would catch and encourage one to pick up the book. It also has a cover that is similar to what is already on the market. If you were to use this cover, I would consider changing to deeper colors with white writing. Also, I would remove the tag line “From the team…Business Power” as it really doesn’t add much to the cover since many people outside of the craft industry may not be familiar with the the team of Cinnamon and Jason.

  12. Option 2 is my choice. The title tells you what you are pricing. It says crafts. In option one is implies small business which could encompass a number of things that are unrelated to internet pricing/sales. I would like to see more colors on the book cover but I understand that there is a cost associated with this. If I have to choose, I like the denim cover. It signifies are more common person approach which is associated with hand made items such as crafts. Denim implies a comfortable, homey feeling. I think we all get that feeling when we are making craft items to sell. They have personal feelings attached to them.

  13. I like option 1 because the colors get my attention. The title is also more generic and may appeal to a wider audience.

  14. My favorite is option two. The colors are more inviting, catching my eye with out the hard sell.
    Option one seems a little hard sell, like a high pressure car salesman. where as option two is everything that to me crafts are all about, genuine, from the heart – made in the USA and proud of it! While option might be catchy, option two is inviting – I want to pick it up and read it!!

  15. I like Option 1 because the colors grab your eyes.

    and while option 2 is “pretty” it is much to similar to your other book.
    (also, this title, as mentioned above, seems a little restricting…)

  16. I like option 2 because it refers specifically to what we are doing, Internet pricing is too generic.
    also it connects with the craft business power book

  17. I like option 1 I think it is more of what I think Liberty Jane Clothing is all about! Second I would think the denim is also what Liberty Jane Clothing is all about.

  18. I vote for number 2 because of the name I would buy this because it tells me about the craft business

  19. I prefer cover option one over option two. The first looks profession, business like and can apply to many types of small business…artistic or otherwise. A black, red and white colour combination is always eye catching. The second cover looks pale and a little limiting. It would be fine if the book was exclusively for sewing crafts, but I am assuming that the information it contains can work for a much wider audience (a product is a product whether a piece of beautiful sewing or your talent as a photographer). The only thing I might suggest is to add a double black border to bring out the print even more (other than that, it is striking and clear as to the contents).

  20. I like option 2. The colors in option 1 do grab you attention, but to me that also says cold and instructional. I like the cover in option 2 better. It appears to be less of a instructional read and more of an enjoyable read, which this was, very enjoyable and informative. I kinda miss some of the information on option 1. Under 10 principals you have got small business marketers, but that is missing on option 2. But also the title may need a bit of a budge. Craft Pricing Power tends to lead toward one audience whereas Internet Pricing Power leads to another. All in all I like number 2 the best, since that really is the majority of your target audience.

  21. I like option 2 as it seems to be more geared to the DIY crafters and artisans. It also seems to carry forward the design from the first craft business power book making it seem like a “series”
    I do agree the denim on denim design does seem a little busy….. Maybe another solid background could help with this?

  22. I prefer option two. I think that option one is too generic. We are artisan’s/crafter’s and internet pricing power seems to be too much. It does not specify that which we are interested in and that is pricing of our items. Internet pricing is much too general. That being said, I would prefer more colour on option two. Maybe red print or something else that pops.

  23. Internet Pricing is too limited – this would limit your market to only those that sold on the internet and it is so much more.

  24. I like option to because it looks more like it is home made. Since this is about hade crafted items, I think it is the best look.

  25. I prefer option two because it’s prettier, and not so in your face as is the first one. The first cover lacks charm and just seems of lesser quality to me.

  26. I like option 2 because the cover is more interesting to me. The fabric look, complete with pocket, is clever.

  27. I didn’t have to think about this at all. Option #1 gets my vote, enthusiastically. The black and red on white background is a real attention grabber for me. I also like the bold font. For me, option #2 doesn’t do much. It’s quite subdued. It isn’t unattractive, it just doesn’t grab me like option #1 does.

  28. Title of option#2 but look of option#1 because it is more dynamic..

  29. I prefer cover number 1. The large black and red letters really jump out from the white page. I think if I were scanning through a shelf full of books, I’d skip right over number 2 because it doesn’t catch the eye.

  30. I like the red one. Looks and sounds more modern, which is useful for grabbing attention (and it definitely does that better than option #2)

    Can’t wait to get this book and read it!

    Thank you both Cinnamon and Jason! You two are both so helpful in this market.


  31. I like Option 1 because it grabs attention more quickly and really looks professional. This book covers many small businesses and the pricing principles work for more than doll clothes. I really appretiated all the ideas and found the straight talk on pricing issues spot on!!!

  32. Wow, this is tough. I made my choice then I’ve read all the previous comments. They all have good points.
    The main points that seemed to have been made are these: Title of #1 may not appeal to crafters;and Color of #2 may be too bland.
    I have not changed my original opinion but do have a suggestion to go with it.

    I vote for #2 because I feel that the idea of a series of books as noted above would make me as a purchaser of “Craft Business Power” more likely to buy this one.

    Now for my suggestion, the colors in Craft Business really pop, could you use different set of colors but same general set up as Craft Bus. This would let a buyer easily see that they will be getting the same good info as they got in first book. Using a different set of colors (what about green for $$$) could lead to using this idea for future books in series.

    Thanks for asking us, I am a student of this business. Craft Business Power is highlighted and dog eared. I’ve read it over and over.

      • Hi Jason,
        My name is Darlene Brown.
        I’m [email protected] .
        I look at a lot of books, as I love learning. I can’t say enough about how the picture will catch my eye besides the title, and the author. So, with that said well, option #2. Would definitely catch my eye, and peak my interest.
        Option#1. I do have to say the color’s being bold does also. But, for crafting it would definitely be option #2.
        Thank you for your time.
        Sincerely ,
        Darlene Brown

  33. I like both covers. However when I go into a book store and look at marketing, small business, and management books for the internet they all look basically the same and they all scream INTERNET. Book two’s cover has a more relaxing appeal. Maybe you could brighten up the cover of 2 with more color so it has the attraction of cover 1 getting the best of both worlds.

  34. to add to my earlier comment…. I prefer the wording on #2, but the bold colors on #1, I do believe a picture of some sort would grab attention.

  35. I voted for #1 because it “pops” to me. I also believe that the word “Internet” in this context will have wider appeal and sell more copies than “craft”, as your superb advice applies to many products and services. Wonderful job!

  36. Option 2—more specific appeal to me as a crafter (although 1 is certainly more eye catching), when I look at 1 I think, what type of internet pricing, and it looks like all those self-help books that promise big and deliver little. Option 2 tells me specifically that this book will help me, not a consultant, not a ebayer, but me, the crafter.

  37. I like Option #1 best overall…I would pick this one up off the shelf first to see what it says because it’s bright and eye-popping. But I agree with the other comments that it should say “craft” instead of “internet” if you’re trying to get the crafter crowd.

    But the red, white and black color palette looks more professional and crisp. Only a small handful of fonts used, whereas the 2nd option is muted and uses too many fonts and the “10” is awkwardly positioned in the design. Just my opinion. 🙂

  38. I like both covers. I really enjoyed the denim; however, I picked #1 because it stands out better. The bold letters and the little bit of bright color (red) attracted my eyes.

  39. I prefer option 2 because it has a more sensitive relaxed appeal while still showcasing the information that is needed for a buyer to make a buying decision. I also like it because many business books are very bland and boring looking, which isn’t very appealing. Option 2 is more visually appealing to most eyes.

  40. I like the first over. it is more attention-grabbing. the information presented was great! it will help me going forward with my (very beginning) ventures

  41. Personally, I prefer Option 1. It is cleaner and has more visual impact than Option 2. It is also sufficiently distinct from the covers of your other books to identify it as a new title, not just an extension of CBP. Although I do think that the red could be swapped out to reduce its likeness to the YouTube book.

  42. I like option 1 best because it looks more modern and clear-cut. I like the uniqueness of option 2 (how it has the pocket), but the writing on it looks cluttered. I prefer option 1 because it is a better fit for the professional content inside the book. 🙂

  43. I like option # 1 because red is the color of power, and that’s what this book is all about, finding and utilizing the power of the internet and pricing your product in order to “power” your way to the forefront of your competition! Wonderfully done, thank you Jason and Cinnamon!!!

  44. I like option #2 because it relates more to the crafter and that is what this book is written for. Option #1 looks more industrial, not at all related to crafters.

  45. I like option 1 because I think it takes the idea of a craft business more seriously. Many years ago when I had an actual craft business (now a hobby) I found that people around me did not think my business was serious because I did it from home. They could not understand all the time I devoted to it until one day I decided to share what I made at a small event. While the amount was not even four figures at the time they were surprised that it was significant. A craft business is significant and as you have proven can be taken to the next level. Good luck no matter which cover comes out on top. The principles you wrote were all very written and served as excellent advice for the business owner or one considering a future with their craft.

  46. I think option #2 looks more “crafty”. I don’t sell on line, I do not have time to mass produce. My selling is usually custom orders and through word of mouth. I never know what to charge and I would be more likely to purchase title #2.

  47. When I saw the cover as presented in your email, I had a very negative impression – too cold, too industrial, and definitely too masquline. I know red is a power color but in this application I feel that it makes you look like you’re trying too hard. Even though it’s a business book it must also create emotional appeal. It needs a degree of warmth that will make a human connection with the purchaser. I voted for option 2 because I felt it better explained how the information would benefit me as a small in-home business owner trying to grow my business. I am sorry but I think the cover still needs work. Number 2 is warmer and for me more visually appealing but it’s too subdued. The denim pocket is clever but it doesn’t tell me anything. When I’m at the bookstore, the title on the spine makes me pick up the book but the graphic design is what pulls me in and makes me want to read more. Most people that will be choosing your book from all those available in the market place are creative artists in their own right and the book needs to be appealing to that creative spirit. I know the information inside will be invaluable because I am familiar with the quality of your ideas but for those just being introduced to Jason Miles give them a visual reason to open the book. It needs more than just words.

    • I agree! When I look to pick up a book I look at its outward appeal before breaking it open. I like the bold word POWER on option #1 because that is what you’re offering, but a mix of the fonts from #1 and #2 may work better. I also think the blue is better than red and CRAFT, then INTERNET focuses on who you’re trying to reach. Good luck! Great principles.

  48. Option 2. Option 1 is very sterile, it doesn’t inspire you to browse through it and seems it could be for any sort of topic. Option 2 clearly identifies the target audience and is a friendlier cover.

  49. i like cover #2 beter, but i would like to se it in a litle brighter blue. The color now is to muted.

  50. I am voting for Option #1! It has a striking appearance and will get the readers attention better. The colors and layout let me know exactly what the book is about and that it will be worth reading.

  51. I like number 1 cover, because it looks clean & sharp. The second one seams to look a lot like your other covers which can be confusing.

  52. Option one sounds more professional and is more appealing to the eye!

  53. I picked option #2 , But…I would change the coloring to to something bright , that jumps out and gets your attention. I give a great deal of books at Christmas time and that’s what gets my attention , when I’m looking. I’m afraid with the denim, it might be passed by. For #2 layout I would make “Craft Pricing Power” red. and “10 Proven Pricing Principles” black and both phrases in bold lettering. I would leave “From the team that brought you Craft business Power” off the front ; makes it look to busy, you could always put it on the backside. I would also take the “10” out of the box on option #2 and just make that number bigger like you did in option one. I don’t know about the denim pocket, it just doesn’t get me excited. Maybe swap out the pocket for an owl outline. Make the outline a thin line and put “Craft Pricing Power” in bold letters inside it . I like to think outside the box sometimes and owls are very hot right now.Just use bright colors and really make that cover pop so when I’m looking for a gift your book jumps out and says “Buy Me” !! Good Luck !!

  54. I prefer option 2 because the design is more in line with the product that is being priced – crafts.

  55. Option one looks familiar… Did u use this design on another book? I like cover 2

  56. I like the boldness of the letters in style one but the red is to bold. You want bold but not so much that it detracts from the message. I like the blue in style two because it will grab your attention yet be soft on the eyes. No matter what style you go with it will be a winner because you two are the best at what you do.

  57. I voted for number 2 ….I liked the word craft in the title. I think because I consider myself a Crafter and pricing is always my issue. maybe a little extra bright color would make it pop a little but #2 is my choice .

  58. I like option #1 best because it looks bold, businesslike, and confidence inspiring, however, as someone who does not enjoy reading business-type books it also looks a bit daunting–like it’s going to be full of helpful, but dry info to struggle through. Could it be made a a bit friendlier looking; maybe a softer background color, and a slightly less bold, cover-filling font?
    P.S. I really appreciate your company.

  59. I like 2 if your target audience is crafting people. Number 1 if you want a broader audience. 1 feels a bit infomercially to me and aggressive. It might appeal to the average person trying to build any kind of internet business (they care less about what they are selling than having a successful business). Crafting people are doing what they love; the craft comes before the business savvy. As a crafter, I would never have thought the first book was meant for me.

  60. I voted for cover #2. I liked the use of the word craft in the title. Also, the colors are more welcoming and appealing. I didn’t vote for #1 because I think you should stay away from bolder colors and really strong graphics which leave the impression of a cold and corporate like attitude. Your target audience is people who are trying to create product on a small personalized scale. If you wish to use a stronger color, green might be a better choice, I think the red in this case is too aggressive. Finally, in regards to option #2 you don’t want to be to similar to “craft business power”. A different color would help differentiate the two books.

  61. I like #2 because it appeals to me as a craft pricing aid. #1 looks more like heavy duty internet marketing which totally overwhelms me. However, the denim blue on #2 is too soft and mellow. No call to action. Ultimately it is up to you as to who your intended audience for this book will be. In any case, the content is sound and will be a welcome addition to helping me in my start-up. Thanks.

  62. I love the denim! Nice and comforting like home-made apple pie. Basic, straight shooting, no hype, just COMMON SENSE and not too complicated (with EXPERTISE behind it).

    I’ve learned that any information from Jason and Cinnamon is definitely worth the read; this cover’s appearance “fits the bill”.

  63. I like option number 1 because The font and Black bold type says strong and informative, the red grabs the eye and also says power.

  64. I think the red and black cover is the best choice because it fits better with the other three power books. It is a much better attention getter than #2 and it says what it is…..pricing for the internet. The titles of the other three books are somewhat the same (“something” power ) but each is distinct in topic and cover design . Perhaps making the three words ”internet, pricing, and power” in a smaller text it wouldn’t be as over powering, pardon the pun, and would fit nicely with the others. If I am looking for a book on pricing my crafts for the internet then # 1 will definitely get my attention and paging thru it will tell me if it is what I am looking for. Craft pricing power is too general and seems dated, everything is about the internet now!

  65. I like the title of option #2 much better, as it indicates the topic more precisely, however I am not at all crazy about the denim, and pocket background. It is a cute idea, but makes the title harder to read as it seems a bit too busy. I like the layout and background better on option 1, but the colors chosen are a bit too plain perhaps.

  66. I like option 2 because it matches your previous book and makes them seem like a cohesive set.

  67. I prefer option 2 because it does not appear as hard as #1 and is easier to look on.. Option 1 does not capture my attention, it looks like dozens of other book covers. However while 2 is better, it still needs something to power it up.

  68. I like Option 1 Better. I don’t actually think creating beautiful clothes as a profitable venture as a craft but an art. I think of scrapbooking, crochet, wood projects etc. done for personal pleasure as crafts. (Just my opinion)

  69. I like Option #2, because, #1 looks too harsh and blocky, and the cover of #2 fits in better with the covers of your other books.

  70. I like option #2 because it seems not as harsh and more inviting then option #1. Option #2 just seems more inviting to read then option #1.

  71. I saw the recent “redo” of the cover combining the best of both options and think it looks great. I do agree with Cinnamon that a shade darker on the blue might be a better choice.

  72. I definitely prefer #2. #1 is too generic and looks like a zillion other ebooks. But #2 catches my “sewer’s eye.” It gives a hint that this is about sewing/crafting/clothes and I’m hooked to look closer.

  73. I like option 2, because it is more creative and the red, white and black has been over used. Denim give the feeling of crafts and down to earth.

  74. I like Option #2 because the denim look is more geared towards crafting. 🙂

  75. I voted Option 2 – I would gravitate to it more than the first option because it seems to be focused on the area that I am more interested in – crafting!

  76. I like #1 because it looks more professional.Its not a book just for crafters but for any small business owner. The red is a bit over used…maybe a different color would be better,but not denim.

  77. Of the two options given in the poll, I prefer #2; however, I greatly prefer the new option offered in your latest email. “Craft Pricing Power” targets our business better. Pricing is a tough issue. Your advice really helps. By the way, I like the blue rather than the red on your new cover option…but maybe not so bright!

  78. Cover #1 is too harsh on my eyes. I don’t like the ‘internet’ part of the title because at first glance it could be pricing for ANYTHING on the internet, not just crafts.

    I like the title of Cover #2 better, but I’m not crazy about the cover. I don’t care for the denim look, and it would be great if it could have more color. It looks a little dreary now.

  79. I like the title of #2 the best but would like to see multiple colors on the cover. Maybe make part of the letters red for a red, white, and blue theme. Just an idea.

  80. I like Option 2. The first option looks to much like an infomercial. Too in your face, push push push sales. Usually means nothing worth reading. Good luck making a choice. I’m sure you’ll sell either.

  81. I prefer the title “Craft Pricing Power” because it makes it clear what the subject matter of the book is. I like the layout of the the red and black cover in terms of simplicity and boldness – it will stand out on the bookshelf. I would change the red to another color though. I think your idea of blue is good. Green might also work. I don’t care for the denim look cover as much because it looks more homespun and I think it will disappear more easily on the shelf. Your business has grown so much in the last year or two that I don’t think a homespun look represents you.

  82. I like cover number 1 because the Bold type says strong information the red is very eye catching. The second cover is just boring lol.

  83. I voted for #2 because I like the title – CRAFT pricing power – you could add some contract (darker navy) or color (red, black and white are eye catching) to the denim cover design. The denim design ties this book to your other book which is a good way to maintain your brand of books to help people with their craft business!
    Thanks for all the opportunities you offer – hopefully we are helping you as much as you help us!!!

  84. I like 2 – it ties this book back to Craft Business Power – BUT – it needs a “pop” of color to draw the eye. Pull in a red tag or label of some kind.

  85. The new cover (#3) with Craft Pricing Power either color is fine. I would probably not think I needed the book with the internet name, but if it says Craft Pricing Power by Jason then I would know I need to buy it. I have bought Jason’s book one at a time as I can afford them. I would also like a sewing book all about how to sew doll clothes by Cinnamon like her other sewing book. I am just learning to sew and everything else about doll clothes can’t wait until Design Academy.

  86. I like option 1 because the red & black contrast is more appealing than the denim one.

  87. I like Option #2. I like that the title says “Craft” in it because that’s what we are–crafters. Yes, the colors for Option #1 are brighter, but I like the denim artwork because it implies homemade items and it feels less intimidating.

  88. Option 2 I find it more eye catching the words being a little smaller are easier to read. The black red and white one the words fill the front of the book and kind of run together.

    • Option #2
      It appeals to my eye first of all and then to my curiousity of how to price my product. Builds my hopes and wants me to dive right in to be on the train of cyber selling.

  89. I like option #2 because it is more appealing to me as a crafter. The other one looks like a boring workbook. I probably wouldn’t buy it if I were shopping for a book on pricing.

  90. Book could have one design on front cover, and different on the back cover.

  91. I like Option #2 because the book itself looks crafty. I definitely like the title better and being a crafty type person the second cover appeals to me way more. Option #1 to me looks like every other business book, plain and boring.

  92. I like option #1 better because the titel seems like a better description of what the book is about. There are too many fonts on the second one.

  93. I’m drawn to option 1 for a couple of reasons:
    *** the colors are more dynamic
    *** there are many on-line businesses and not all of them are making some sort of craft. I feel that the title on option 1 would interest someone who is doing…flower arranging, selling baked goods, web-design etc.

  94. #2 more inviting and visually appealing. #1 is generic in color and font with annoyingly large text.

  95. I chose the 2nd option. It was more inviting for me. The first one although it catches your attention seemed a bit sterile.

  96. While the first one is eye-catching, the second speaks to me as a crafter. I think I would just gloss over it because it didn’t say crafts.

  97. Option 2: it remindes me of craft projects and I think it is more unique than the first one 🙂

  98. I love the final cover you went with! Thank you for sharing the price point principles, I have learnt a lot and these principles will help with my pricing! Thanks Jason!

  99. I prefer the second option – first one limits your reading population to selling only on internet. Several of us sell at craft fairs and on the internet. I think you will reach more buyers for your book by using second choice especially if someone is searching to that topic – “craft prices to sell at”. The colors are more appealing too.

  100. I like option #2 better, because I feel that it’s more with the “crafty” theme by looking like something that a crafter would have made! I agree with a lot of other posters that the first one seems a bit sterile, and the blue of the #2 makes me feel more comfortable and draws me in more.

  101. I like the contrast of the first cover. It’s grabs your attention, but I like the title of the second.

  102. I already left my opinion, favoring option two with several modifications. The toning down of the color and change in title of option one incorporated the two most important changes I felt you should make. So even though you went with option one, I think you hit the nail on the head.

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