[Special Update: The winners of our comment contest are Rachel B. and Rebecca C. – they have just been informed via email. Congratulations!].

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new ebook Craft Pricing Power!

Why We Did This Project

craft pricing title cover contest

We did this project because in a December 2013 poll our (awesome) partners said that pricing was the #1 issue they needed help with – so we decided to jump into this fun topic.

We blogged about each of the pricing principles here on MSG and asked for comments and feedback. Then we asked everyone to vote on a title and cover option.

The results showed that people overwhelmingly liked the title “Craft Pricing Power”, and while it was closer – they also liked the bold & clean design of cover option #1.

Final Cover Art Choice

cover 11

Ultimately we went with a version of cover option #1 that we modified in several ways. First, we removed the red accent color and went with a blue that Cinnamon helped me pick.

We also went with “Craft Pricing Power” instead of “Online Pricing Power“. Most of the comments in our survey stated that people liked the craft focused title more than the generic “Internet” title.

How We Got 12 Principles

In the final writing process we also broke a couple of the pricing principles down a bit and clarified things so there were ultimately 12 principles in the final version of the ebook. We added new content to each chapter too. The final ebook version is longer and more complete than the original blog posts.

Secret 13th Pricing Principle

We also added a secret bonus at the end of the book – a 13th principle that we didn’t blog about or mention on the book cover. It is a really powerful lesson on pricing that you’ll want to read about. It has to do with a powerful concept called “charm prices”.

Get A Free Copy

We’d love to have you snag a free copy. The book is available right now on Amazon as an ebook with the $.99 cent price. That is the lowest price Amazon allows. But we have five promotional dates picked when it will be free. The dates are:

  • Monday, Janaury 27th
  • Friday, January 31st
  • Friday, February 28th
  • Friday, March 28th
  • Friday, April 25th.

You’ll notice that the free promo dates are the last Friday of the month. We’ll continue to do that for the near future. So check back in May, June, Juy, and August. It will most likely be free on the last Friday of those months too.

Read It Anywhere

Don’t forget, you can read Kindle books on any computer, tablet, or smartphone, find out how here. You don’t need a Kindle.

Help Wanted: Amazon Reviews

We would be incredibly grateful if you’d leave your highest & best review on Amazon in support of this ebook. Reviews help launch new ebooks in important ways. When books get good reviewed on Amazon – they get additional visibility and new customers are willing to take a chance on them. So if you wouldn’t mind taking a moment to leave a review – that would be a huge help.

Thanks Again

Thanks again for helping us work on this book project. We do all of our writing to help you – our amazing Liberty Jane Partners – we hope this new resource is a big help. We are honored to serve you.

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  1. Great cover. Love Cinnamon’s color choice. Anxious to get that 13th tip!

    • Thanks Karen,

      Yeah, Cinnamon’s got the style. The 13th tip is actually really interesting!

  2. I love the changes that were made to this new cover. It’s perfect and fulfuill many ‘wishes’ that were mentioned in comments when you asked about the two different covers. I’ve loved you books and can’t wait for more wonderful information from you.

  3. I love the cover. It is very attractive. Cinnamon has a good eye. I can’t wait to read it. It is truly something I need to get started with my home business. Thanks ever so much for your great work.

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