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Principle #7 – Price Is Relative.

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2 Comments on Pricing Principle #7 – Price Is Relative

  1. I have really enjoyed your information/advice. It is funny, as a consumer I have a mindset of a price I am willing to pay. For example about 20 years ago as an at home mom I frequently wore sneakers, Keds specifically. One day while out shopping I spotted a pair on clearance in my size for $2. I thought, hmm I wonder what is wrong with this pair…I inspected and discovered the pair was perfect. I went to the cashier to inquire if this was accurate…yes it was and I bought the sneakers. When that pair wore out I never bought another pair of Keds again because in my mind once I had paid $2 I would never pay more than $5 for that brand again. I think once a consumer has a mindset toward a brand it is tough to break free from the discount price…this is why the strategies you suggest make cents (pun intended) for a seller.

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