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Topic #1 – How To Stand Out From The Crowd

Topic #2 – Do Not Despise The Day Of Small Beginnings

Topic #3 – How To Sell Everything You Make

Topic #4 – Give And Ye Shall Receive

Topic #5 – A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Opinionated Words

Topic #6 – Traffic Is The Most Important Thing

Topic #7 – Writing Descriptions That Sell

Product Photography: One of the most important things you can do to improve the rate at which you sell your items is to find ways to constantly upgrade the quality of your photography. We focus on this issue a lot with our Premium Partners.

Brand Building: As you’ve probably figured out, we encourage everyone to work hard to create a solid brand. In the long-run, a well conceived brand is more important than anything else. And if you’re interested in making a lasting impact on your niche, then a brand is essential. The amazing thing is that because of the power of the internet you can create a powerful brand more quickly than ever before – and with little or no money.

Writing Skills: In marketing terms, this is called ‘copy’. The quality of your copy determines your ability to influence and persuade your readers to take action. There are lots of resources available online that describe the skill of copy writing. But very few which are aimed exclusively at writing for one-of-a-kind, hand-made items presented on EBay, Etsy, or an artists website.

Pricing: One of the most important brand related decisions you can face as a small business owner is how to approach pricing. At Liberty Jane we sell in the ‘utra-premium’ category for some of our items, but also sell items for as low as $3.99. The real question is – how do you best determine a pricing strategy that will work for the long-term, and will help strengthen your brand, not destroy it. We have lots of articles on this topic.

Traffic Building: Of course, if you’re going to sell successfully, either through EBay or Etsy, or your own website, having lots of traffic is critical. And not just any traffic, you want people who are really going to visit with the intention of buying. We have lots of articles and suggestions about traffic. And if you sell in the Doll Clothes niche, then we can even help by driving our visitors to your site. Here are some resources: