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Are you an artist, crafter or seamstress looking to become more successful online? Do you have a passion for your craft, but feel unsure how to move beyond EBay or Etsy? Do you dream of the day your craft will support you full-time? At Liberty Jane Partners our mission is to serve and equip small business owners as you build your online business. We work with over 1,300 Etsy and EBay sellers who use our resources as the basis for their sew-from-home business. Our passion is to help you succeed online.


“When I first set up shop it was really slow and pretty much a hit and miss with sales, but once I partnered with you and started featuring my sets on FB things have really taken off. Actually I have had more custom orders from people on FB wanting sets that were featured then actual sales thru Etsy since most of the time they have already sold. I want to say “Thank You” for giving me the opportunity to partner with you, I really appreciate everything.”

-Cheryl A.

“Many thanks for sharing my new listing. I have almost 200 views from the one you shared on FB a few days ago. Amazing!


– Robyn

“I am so excited to finally be ready to list my outfits.  I bought most of your patterns, your design booklet and signed up as a premium partner.  Your information and patterns are impeccible.  You’ve done a superb job of creating an amazing business.  I feel like it’s taken me forever to learn everything, but I am ready to go now…I wasn’t sure this venture was going to work for me, but your patterns were the answer.  If there is any way I can help to support you, please let me know.

– Diane


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Ps. Regardless of whether you decide to join our membership site or not, we wish you all the best and hope that your online business grows beyond your wildest imagination.

Jason & Cinnamon Miles