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Hi everybody,

In this week’s video I explain what “assumed requirements” are – and how to overcome them so you can start your freedom (online) business today!

Plus – I’ve got the full transcript saved as a little PDF booklet file for ya – almost like a little booklet. I hope you enjoy it. But please note – it’s a transcript of the video so it’s not necessarily the smoothest of writing.


Ps. I’d love to hear your perspective – tell me what you think – are you battling against any assumed requirements that are stopping you from starting or growing your online business?

Pps. I’d be super grateful if you’d pin the booklet or the video to Pinterest! Thanks in advance!


8 Comments on How To Start Your Freedom Business While Avoiding Assumed Requirements

  1. I remember reading your weekly columns when I decided to start my own AG doll business a few months ago where you warned about how much time/effort would be needed to get things going. I knew you were right but also hoped I could do it much quicker. WRONG! I just finished getting my Etsy Store up and running tonight. Maybe you heard that big sigh I just let out.

    Talk about a learning curve! I didn’t feel the need to write a business plan. Been there, done that for something else long ago. I didn’t want to go for more formal education. Been there, done that also. I’m retired! What I did decide to do was learn from all the things you’ve been talking about. I’ve spent days (and days … and days) doing research on the internet looking for tips/ideas of what I needed to do in order to set up the Store so it would be the best I could make it. I also spent a lot of time making up doll clothes samples. I’ve finally got some that I’ve refined enough that I want to sell on my Etsy store.

    The contact info for my store is I’m by no means done with the setup but feel good that I’ve finally got 1 item up for sale now. I know I need to get more things posted … which I have already photographed. Just need to get them uploaded and do the write up. If you get a chance, I’d be grateful if you might get a chance to look at it and offer any tips you might have.

    One final question … I’m a Liberty Jane Partner. What do I need to do to get listed with LJ (once I get a few more items posted on Etsy?

    Thanks so much!

    PS … Thanks for the transcripts also!

    • Hi Linda,

      Wow – great work!

      As a Liberty Jane Partner you can have your logo added to Pixie Faire – just contact us through the support tool on that site…

      You’re on your way! Please keep us posted…


  2. Incredibly helpful. Thanks, Jason, for all you do.

  3. Hi Jason!
    Your videos continue to touch on things that, while I don’t really realize it’s happening, it really is! I think for years I have wanted to have my own business but had too many of those assumed requirements! To branch that out a bit, sometimes we also adopt the assumed requirements of those around us! My husband and kids assume that I will never be hugely successful and that can also hold a person back from trying as well! Your videos and books always inspire and inform me to overcome obstacles, keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!!

    • Thanks Tami,

      You are so right – good point. It can be super frustrating to feel like you have to do battle to overcome the negativity of family members…Hang in there. We’ve had to battle through that stuff too. And thank you for the encouragement to keep creating content – it is an honor to serve this community!


  4. I enjoyed this because I too delayed many years because I didn’t have a “real” business plan. I still don’t, but I sure am having fun and learning lots.

    • Thanks Gaby – yeah – business plans are a major mental road block – glad you’ve overcome that one!


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