Hi everyone,

In this week’s video I ask  you a critical question – and share a Labor Day acronym…

Tell me what you think – are you happy with the work you do?


Ps. here are some of the links I mention in the video:

Arbitrage: Proven Amazon Course

Craigslist: Appliance School

Tee-Shirt Business

Etsy: Craft Business Power & Etsy Power

Sourcing At Tradeshows – Selling Online






23 Comments on Labor Day Question And Acronym

  1. I can’t see the video it’s just a white area

    • I’m guessing you’re looking at it on an ipad or iPhone? Those are problematic. Sorry about that – I’ll try to find a solution moving forward.


    • Hi Jason,
      I like your videos and I even took notes.
      And my goal is to change my employment in 1 year to part time.
      And we are plugging away, working our Javita coffee business alittle every day.

      Good to see you, keep it going.

      • Thanks Shelley,

        Good goal! And congrats on the BMW thing – that’s pretty amazing!

        (down 3 pounds)


  2. Hi,
    Are you planning to do all your posts in video now? I find video takes too long for me to absorb, I get a ton of email and so I scan things, and I can’t scan video.

    • Hi Emma,

      Thanks for the feedback – for now – I’m committed to doing video for these weekly updates and saving my writing for short ebooks – which I’ll continue to publish regularly for the community. So, in essence, I’ll save up the weekly written blog posts and publish them as ebook – and make them free frequently – so there’s no barrier to getting them.

  3. Thanks Jason! Very motivational as usual! Love your ideas and hope to make it my reality.

    • Thanks Rhonda,

      I appreciate the positive feedback!


  4. Thank you Jason. It is good to be reminded that it can take time to reach your goal but not to give up or get discouraged. I don’t play online games either so there is hope for me to succeed:).

  5. Awesome advice now to take it ! Thanks Jason & Cinnamon for all you do!
    In His Service, Carol

  6. Hi Jason!
    First off, love the new video format! This week really rings a bell for me. My first year with my etsy shop was really very lackluster and disappointing….my fault I didn’t spend much time on it. But I was lucky and could quit my day job and started back in really trying to make my shop go. Your books have been an enormous help to me! This week the organization and not becoming disappointed are the two things I realize I need to work on! Thanks so much for sharing information to help the rest of us succeed!

  7. I like the video. I am not employed I am on disability and have an ebay user id where I sell my designer american girl doll clothes. I have thought seriously about the email where you both Cinnamon and you are talking to us about getting a website of our own so that we will not be spending thousands of dollars on Etsy and Ebay with their fees. I now have the money necessary to help expand my business and keep up with the people that sign up for emails with me.

    • Hi Jonna,

      Sounds like you’ve got the ability to expand – and that’s exciting!

      We truly hope your next steps are profitable!


  8. Jason, This was a very insightful message, and one that I’m going to listen to several times. L.A.B.O.R. I have work to do on all five letters, but I think the “O” is the biggest stumbling block for me. Time to get myself organized for success! Congratulations on the opportunity to leave your 9-5 J.O.B. (Just Over Broke)!

    • Thanks Paula,

      I’m glad you enjoyed this one – I think it’s a timely message for all of us. The “O” is a hard one!

      All the best,


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