Hi everyone,

In March of this year we started publishing our weekly newsletter with a commitment to doing it as a trial for 3-months to see how it would go. We are so grateful that many of you have tuned in regularly to learn about sales and marketing.

Today we are announcing a format change. We will continue doing the weekly newsletter but it is going to be morphed into a weekly video! From now on – We’ll be doing a short, practical, educational video each week. I hope you enjoy them. Let me know what you think about this first one – leave a comment below. Do you think adding rituals can help you improve your sales?


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  1. Love the video format!! I have learned so much from you and your books! I love the valuable business tidbits that you share with us. Thanks so much – keep up the good work!

    • Good information, next time info on how to stay on track, many of us family life that gets in the way. I need to learn the tricks to stay focused so I can do the rituals.

  2. Hi Jason! I enjoyed the video, nice personal touch! I think you’ve just initiated another “ritual”!!

  3. What an awesome idea. It definitely will keep your business on your customer’s minds more often in a very personal way. Thank you Jason for once again sharing an idea that will grow my business.

  4. Great tips Jason and definitely something I need to look at doing! I have a couple of ideas in mind already. By the way love the video format as it makes a nice change listening and watching you and not just reading 🙂

  5. Hi Jason,
    Brilliant tips! I love the new video format. You ALWAYS have something so valuable to share. I’ll see what I can think of Ritual-wise. Rituals work pretty well in most aspects of my life – Bedtime, snack time, the fashion show at the end of camp. I think I need to figure out something for my pattern company now.

    • Thanks Jennifer,

      Participating in our Freebie Friday ritual is a good start – that will be fun this week – I know people will really love it! I’ve got a ritual for you to try – use polldaddy.com and create a simple poll. Include 4 or 5 potential outfits that you COULD make and then poll people to see which one they’d like you to make. Then make the winning outfit as a pattern. You could do that all the time. That ritual creates built in participation and (probably) excited buyers just waiting for you to finish. I’ve never seen anyone doing that one yet – so you’d be the pioneer. Just a thought 🙂

      Honored to work with you!

  6. I love that you look and sound like a “regular” person. Rituals conveys positives, habits conveys negatives. Well done; looking forward to the next installment.

    • Thanks Joan!

      Yep – regular guy 🙂 Glad you’re liking the videos and I think you’ll really like the next one!


  7. Since I’m a visual/sound learner, this works well for me.

  8. Hey Jason,

    First off, the video format is much easier to consume. Keep it coming.

    Second, In Cialdini’s book the chapter on consistency is very useful. I’ve been involved in trying (and failing and trying again) to make those small commitments to establish an image for my online ventures. It sounds really to do but being consistent, creating those rituals takes real effort to pull off. There are lots of shiny objects pulling for our time that make rituals easy to break. Thanks for the reminder to keep working at it.


    • Hi Pete,

      Thanks – and good point. I agree about being distracted – I’m there with ya on that. For me – when we establish a ritual and announce it – it acts like an accountability device. Like for example with these teaching videos – I announced I was going to do it every Monday – so now I’m accountable to keep my promise. Ideally if you align your high level business goals with a ritual that your customers or prospects truly enjoy – then it’s a win/win.

      Just curious – are you going to CES?


      • Unfortunately I won’t be attending this year. I would’ve loved to attend but the cost of travelling from the UK was just a little bit too steep.

        I tried to drum up some interest for a UK gathering to watch the live stream of the event, but there weren’t many interested parties once they realised they would have to to stay up into the early hours each day.

        Hopefully I will attend next year.

  9. I prefer reading to videos. Just as I prefer books to TV. Plus, I read most of my email on iPad, and as everyone knows, if you use flash to make video you cannot view it on iPad. I have to sit at my Mac to view it.

    • Hi Michelle,

      Sorry to hear you’re not liking the change. I wonder if I use Wistia (a different video host) if your ipad problems would be solved. I might try that in the coming weeks.

      I will continue to add lots of blog posts of course – in addition to these videos.

      Thanks for the feedback!


      • Michelle is right about the video not showing up on the iPad. I have used Wistia for several months and I enjoy the analytic information that it provides. I like your video format, but I convert your video to an mp3 to listen to as I run. Any chance of a podcast? Thanks for the amazing amount of info that you provide!

        • Thanks Ran,

          I truly appreciate it. I’ve considered a podcast but don’t have one ready to go just yet.


  10. Another nugget of gold from the Miles family. I am always excited to see mail from you all in my inbox because it never fails to excite and inspire me creatively and/or spiritually. THANK YOU.

  11. Oh my! Talk about timely. I have been working on developing some better habits for my business but have been sidetracked trying to get my first pattern ready for submission to Pixie Faire.

    While watching the video the idea for a business boosting ritual just flew in.

    I do quite a few AG cheerleader uniforms based on a pattern from PF. School has already begun here and football is raging. I have quite a large Facebook group in the state and have sold many cheer uniforms from pics on my FB page. So “Team Tuesday” has been born. I will feature a uniform from a different team each Tuesday with a story letting reader know that custom orders from any team can be made. With Saint, colleges, and high schools all gearing up, I think this will be a hit. After football season I can work on a different theme.

    Thanks Jason, for another great newsletter, and I do like the video delivery.

    Fran, Jessie America

  12. I like your video very much. Also liked the online newsletter so that I could print it and be able to reference it. I’m wondering if you could have a text document linked to the video page. That would satisfy people like me who like to print reference materials as well as those who can’t or won’t watch videos.

    The text version could be a simple document – no formatting – so it wouldn’t take much time to do.

    I am very appreciative of all the great information that you have shared with us.

  13. Not android friendly. Can’t see it

  14. I really love the idea of using video. It’s so personal and it’s also another excellent way to let your customers get to know you personally.

    Regarding the idea of rituals, well this is a superb idea and one that has obviously helped you and Cinnamon in your business. I am getting ready to start mine and had already started thinking of some of these things. I am sure that having followed you for so long, I have been subconsciously gathering ideas.

    Thanks so much. This is a very valuable tool.


  15. Jason,

    I like Linda H Miller’s idea.

    I like to print them, read at work and scribble notes in the margins.

    Susan (in Yuba City)

  16. Video is a great idea! I’m sure many will profit from your vast business acumen. I, for one, take all your valuable ideas to heart. Amazing commitment. Love your marketing and products. Kudos to you ….

  17. Thank you Jason! I love both formats so keep them coming either one is great. I am working on building a website as was suggested a few weeks ago, just finishing up on getting the pictures tweaked so I can upload then. I guess my issue is how to price my products. I crochet outfits for the 18 inch dolls and just sold four, my sister said I under priced them. How do I know what is a good formula that doesn’t seem like I am asking too much? Sorry I know this is really not the place to ask this, if there is another avenue for me to take to ask these types of questions, please let me know. Thanks so much, I also love and use patterns found on Pixie Faire!

    Linda (Independence, OR)

    • Hi Linda,

      Thanks for letting us know! Have you read all our pricing articles, and/or our Pricing Power ebook? Those are some of our best suggestions. My (very unpopular) advice is to also run an ebay Auction – with a lot of promotional efforts behind it – to test how your fans and followers will respond. That’s the purest way to actually know what price point you should be listing your items at – but again – most people don’t like doing that because it feels too much like gambling.

      Good luck on your website and let us know if there is anything we can do to be of help,

      Jason & Cinnamon

  18. Love the video for a change, but I also like printing out the issues that I really need to work on so I can highlight, take notes and make a list (on the back) of the things I’m working on pertaining to that issue. Maybe give us the option of a very simple document, no special formatting necessary, for the few of us who still feel the need to hold paper.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for the feedback – I plan on doing both in a way. I’ll keep doing the weekly videos and then also publish ebooks as a way to serve those who like my writing.

      Hopefully that will help everyone,


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