Hi everyone,

Etsy Power v2This week instead of writing the newsletter I spent the time compiling Etsy Power – I hope you don’t mind.

What’s inside Etsy Power? It’s the 27 page Etsy Survey YOU helped me complete a few weeks ago – plus a nice collection of┬árelated articles – these are things I’ve previously written that I reworked a bit to fit this context. When you put it all together it is a nice intro to Etsy.

If you’re a faithful reader of this blog, then you’ll have probably seen almost all of this content before – but you DON’T have it in a concise, easy to read format like this PDF or the ebook version. So I hope you find it helpful.

I’ve uploaded it here as a PDF file, (grab it for free).

Get It On Amazon: I’m also adding it to Amazon as a Kindle ebook so you can get it that way too. That version will cost .99 cents. I’ll share the link when it’s ready.

I would LOVE to have you leave me an Amazon review if you enjoy it.

All the best,