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This week we’re mixing it up a bit and instead of me writing the newsletter – I thought I’d ask YOU to write the newsletter. The topic? Etsy! To participate simply fill out the survey and hit, “Finish Survey” button. Then (to enter the book giveaway) leave a comment on this blog post saying you completed it. I’ll choose one participant and send them a paperback copy of Instagram Power! I’ll post the results next week!

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    • Thanks! Yeah, there are already 7 results in the first few minutes and the information is really interesting! Fun stuff! I think everyone will get a lot out of it. Thanks for participating!


  1. Thanks for the survey! Looking forward to the results and hopefully learning lots!

  2. I just finished the survey. I’m eager to see the results!

  3. I have completed the survey. Unfortunately I have no idea how to use Esty or any other social network sites so they are not of much use to me.

  4. I just finished to survey and am anxious to see the results. I can use all the help I can get when starting selling on Etsy.

  5. This was an interesting survey! Will have some fun results to read, I’m sure.

  6. Am looking forward to seeing what others had to say about Etsy.

  7. I just finished the survey and looking to find out what tips people have to offer to the newbie Etsy sellers.

  8. I am very interested to hear more about Etsy and to learn from other people’s experiences! Thanks for doing this!

  9. Just completed. Looking forward to reading the comments.

  10. I took the survey! I’m very interested in the results!

  11. I’m just getting started with Etsy. Need to take some better pictures before I put anything in my store. Can always use help with new things!

  12. Looking forward to the results. You can always learn something new! Thanks for wanting to help us.

  13. Took the survey. Interested to see the results!

  14. Just finished the survey .looking forward to seeing the results

  15. Looking forward to your help. I know I am missing some of the good techniques for this powerful tool.

  16. Etsy has been a wonderful selling platform for my doll clothes. I will be interested to see how other survey respondents feel about it.

  17. It will be interesting to see the results.

  18. It will be interesting to see the results to see how many of us had similar answers.

  19. Just took the survey! Can’t wait to see what everyone is saying. 🙂

  20. Also just completed the survey and am interested in finding out the results. Thanks for doing this for us Jason… really appreciate it… a bit of a win win for all of us including you 🙂

  21. I hope I’m not too late to be counted in the survey. Even if I am too late I’m going to enjoy reading everyone’s responses. This was a great idea!

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