Our Mentor

Hi everyone,

Over the summer we decided it was time to look for a good internet marketing coach to help take our online marketing to the next level. We found Chris – he’s the number one internet marketing coach online. It’s been a terrific decision and we highly recommend him to each of you. ¬†If you want to grow beyond Ebay or Etsy, and learn how to build a lasting brand and online sales business, Chris is the guy for you.

Chris is good because he uses video to teach, starts with very basic concepts, and helps you understand more and more.

How good is Chris at helping people start and grow their online businesses? Well, after beginning¬†to follow Chris’ advise, our revenue at Liberty Jane Clothing jumped a staggering 61% in one month, and we were already doing pretty well. That’s why we are so excited about recommending him to you. His training works. Just one disclaimer – he isn’t into EBay or Etsy, so you won’t hear him talk about those selling platforms, but he share a tons of general information so you just have to take his training and apply it to your situation.

He’s created a free 26 video course that you can watch right now – no strings attached…

The best part about Chris’ service is that it’s priced nicely. You can try it for only $4.95 (that is not a typo!). After that it is $37 per month, and you can cancel anytime with 1 click. But he’ll show you how to make much more than $37 a month, so it’s a no brainer, if you’re really serious about making an online income.

The biggest myth about making money online is that it is hard to get started. It really is not. You just need a good mentor. Let Chris prove it to you….

And if you have any questions about Chris’ site, or what he teaches, or why we like him, let us know.

Ps. we are not only members of Chris’ site, we are also affiliates, which means, if you join his site, we make money. But even if we didn’t, we’d still be recommending him to you. He’s the best.