Cinnamon Miles is the co-founder of Liberty Jane Clothing and has been called, “The Vera Wang of the 18 inch crowd”. She is an official Brand Ambassador for Bernina, the world’s premiere sewing machine company. Her design work started when she was just 8, learning from her mom who worked for a Fashion Designer. After high school she studied in Europe, and developed her passion for design as well as photography. You can read more about her story here.


Jason Miles is the co-founder and marketer at Liberty Jane Clothing. He has a graduate degree in Business Administration, and undergraduate degrees in both Organizational Management and Biblical Studies. By day he’s the Vice President for Advancement at Northwest University, which leaves the evenings and weekends available for all things Liberty Jane!



3 Comments on The MSG Team

  1. I’m trying to sign up for your newsletter, tried 2 different browsers, on a computer, nothing works when i click the big arrow at the top, no pop up, nothing. help

    • Hi Pat,

      Click on the “social media super power” book image and you’ll be given the pop-up box. Sorry, I’ve corrected the langage to make it clearer…


  2. Hi Jason. Thank-you for sharing a lot of valuable information as freely as you have. You are doing some amazing things. It is a joy to share with others the work you are doing. I look forward to learning more about rest of the team.

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