The Advertising ‘Plan’

Hi all, We are really excited to drive lots of customers to YOU! The advertising plan we’ve assembled is working well and we’re eager to get you set up. We did a screencast about this topic, you can watch it here: And we also wrote a blog post about this topic, you can see it here:
To make the advertising plan work…


1.  Send me a message at with your “Brand” or “selling name” (however you want to be referred to), and a link to your website, store name, or id, and/or User ID for any location you wanted advertised. This should be a one-time effort, as you’re setting things up, or whenever you’re ready to have us start advertising your efforts. (Obviously we can’t until you do this step, so do it!!).

2. If you have a logo, and you can send it to us as an attachment, we’d be happy to include it as well.

3. Whenever you have a special sale, or event occuring and you want us to feature it – send us an email! We will include it in our weekly newsletters, or on our Facebook fanpage. As with #1 above, we can’t do our part unless you tell us what you’re doing.


1. Have a prominant spot on our website featuring our Partners with links to drive people to your site(s).

2. Include links in our newsletters.

3. Use our social media sites to drive traffic to you.

It’s pretty simple, and if you have any questions about how to effectively partner together on advertising, please let me know.