Q & A With Cinnamon

Hey – Ask me a question in the comments below, (any question), and I’ll create a Q&A on this page – that will help everyone. Or just send me your question at Cinnamon@libertyjaneclothing.com if that’s more comfortable. Don’t be shy! Design, sewing, marketing, auctions, selling, whatever!

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Q: I am ready to start selling, how do I give Liberty Jane appropriate recognition in my listings? (I’m on Ebay).

A: Great. We aren’t overly concerned with the exact wording you use in your listings, as long as it references that you’ve used Liberty Jane Patterns somewhere in the description, (or Doll Duds, or Haritage Doll Fashions), as appropriate. Obviously you can’t put a link in your listings per Ebay policy, so just a mention is fine. If you ‘d like, you can download and use our logo in your listings, (in either blue or black). Their in the Box.Net widget on the front left side of the premium partners site. Additionally, if you’re willing to, we’d love to have you put a link to www.libertyjanepatterns.com in your ‘About Me’ page, (which is okay per Ebay policy), at least as far as we understand things. But if you don’t want to do this, it’s fine.

Q: The fabric store selection in the “Seattle” area has really declined in the last 10 years. Can you recommend any places to get quality fabric? The only one i can think of is Nancy’s Sewing Basket on Queen Anne.

A: Yeah, I’ll be honest, my favorite fabric store is Britex in San Francisco, when I can’t shop there, (which I can’t), I generally just hunt for interesting fabric  when and where I can. Jo Anne’s can have the right things sometimes. But I also frequently just buy XL sized clothes, (Like at Old Navy for Cotton), or Ross or Marshall’s (For Prom Dresses).  There are lots of places that put clothes on 75% off, etc. This makes sense if you can 1) find things on discount and 2) sell your completed projects for a high price. (The more you do of both of those things, the better off you’ll be).

Q: Where are the pattern codes?

A: There is a box over on the far right column of the site, entitled “Pattern Coupons”.

Q: It seems everthing is oriented toward Ebay, which I don’t use.

A: Our auction system is focused on using Ebay, because that’s what we use, but the concepts are applicable to any auction site. Ebay sells over 1 billion dollars worth of goods a year, and has over 1 million people selling full or part-time. We know lots of original sellers have moved away from it over the last few years, but it is still a huge marketplace, which provides lots of traffic to auctions. But even if you aren’t (and don’t want to consider) selling through Ebay, many of our concepts do relate to selling in general whether you are going to use an auction strategy, or sell for fixed prices. Concepts like photography, writing, scarcity, branding, etc. are the pillars of our system.

Q: I thought there was going to be a separate site that drives traffic to my site?

A: There are. We are modifying our primary selling sites, (www.libertyjanepatterns.com, and www.libertyjaneclothing.com ) to highlight our Premium Partners in a prominant way – and this will drive traffic to your site. The modification to our patterns site can occur now, we just need your site information. The modification to our ljclothing site will occur soon, as part of a revamp to that site. Additionally, we’ll use our social media sites to drive traffic as well. This is outlined on our “Advertising Plan” page. The steps to move forward are outlined there. Send us a personal email to cinnamon@libertyjaneclothing.com if you have additional questions.

Q: I sell through my Etsy shop and would like to know if there is any activity to direct customers to my type of shop.

A: Yes! Our Ad plan is outlined on the “Advertising Plan Page”. There are 3 elements to our advertising efforts,

1. Currently your site is being advertised on www.Libertyjanepatterns.com – above the fold. This is being seen over 35,000 times per month – according to our site traffic tool. Your logo is a ‘clickable’ link to your store. Here is a screenshot:

2. We are working hard to revamp our www.libertyjaneclothing.com site and it will also prominently display our partners – above the fold. If you want a different/or better logo used, just send it to us.

3. We are happy to ‘blast’ your special sales or auctions to our ‘fans’ on Facebook, (roughly 1,500 people and growing daily), and/or include it in our Newsletter, (to another 1,550+ people, also growing daily). Some of you are doing this, and some aren’t. Recently for example one of you tried to auction an outfit, and had no bids, it ended unsuccessfully. Then you relisted it, told us about it, and we sent out a note to our Facebook Fans…within 5 minutes there was a bid, and the outfit ended successfully for $24.  To have us ‘blast it out’ for you, simply send us a note at cinnamon@libertyjaneclothing.com