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Introducing Internet Pricing Power

Hi everyone,

Happy 2014! I hope you are ready to have a fantastic year!

cover 11In December I polled our Liberty Jane Partners (roughly 1,300 people) and asked them what topic or issue they wanted me to focus on more as I work on blog posts and ebooks.

The topic that got the strongest vote was – pricing. So I’m finishing up a brief ebook about it. But rather than just publish the ebook, I thought I’d put out the entire thing and ask for your feedback & commentary. Then when all the chapters are released – I’ll consolidate all of it into an ebook, (which I plan to give away for free).

So – here is the introduction and the first principle. Over the next few weeks I’ll put out all 10 principles for your review and input.

Pricing Principle #1 – You Need A Pricing Strategy. There are three common strategies to choose from.

[ This post has been truncated so that the full collection of pricing principles can be placed on the Kindle platform as Craft Pricing Power. For the spring of 2014 you can download it for free on the last Friday of every month. Get it here. ]

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