Business Ideas

Hi everyone,

We’re always thinking of great businesses that we AREN”T going to start. So we thought we’d give the ideas away. Let us  know if you ‘Go For It’. And since a whole group of you are going to read this…if you decide to all act on this idea in isolation, you’ll just end up competing with each other, (that would be a bummer). Maybe it would be better if you posted a comment below expressing your interest in an idea and then you guys can network together and partner up?

Idea: Tutu Business!

We stumbled into this because of Libby’s involvement in dance, and have had a good time doing it, but it’s not our main thing, and really, it’s best done locally. Here’s the idea – get connected to your local dance studio(s). (Granted this is easier if you have a young girl, but not overly difficult if you are willing to do some networking). Then offer to make matching Tutu’s and dance costumes for the girls dolls. Just do 1 or 2 as a free gift for one of the girls and let them spread the word. In no time you’ll have steady requests. And the great part – every year the costumes change, and so the girls need new matching outfits. Fabric – lots of times the owner of the dance studio will end up with extra outfits, or sizes that no girl fit into…offer to buy them cheaply, or take them in exchange for an outfit or two. These are worthless for the studio owner, and you should be able to get them very inexpensively.

Additionally, since this is really a local deal to everybody, there’s no reason a group from around the country couldn’t get together online, share patterns and ideas, tips and tricks. I’m happy to finish up my dance costume patterns and publish them if that will help you launch it!

Idea: Wigs Business!

There are these blythe wigs offered by Shopaholican on Etsy, and they fit AG dolls, but she doesn’t market them that way. No one is doing this! No one has done the work to source them, then set up an AG doll and hair accessories store that focuses exclusively on these fun products. We regularly get requests asking about how we did the “Trendy T-Shirt” and “U.K. Holiday” wigs, and we refer people to the Shopaholican site, but somebody should totally run with this idea for the AG Doll market! What’s great about this idea is that it expands the AG marketplace, it’s not just competing with AG or others to sell clothes, shoes, furniture, etc.

Idea: Exclusively Designer Jeans

Our first ‘wow’ project was when we cut up a pair of 7 jeans and made AG sized jeans out of them. Someone bought the AG sized pair for $59. (We bought the pair of 7 jeans at a second hand store, the zipper was broken, so we got them for $8.99). Out of that one pair, (it was a 28), we were able to make 3 pairs of AG sized jeans, and several skirts. Since then we’ve done similar projects for people, even getting people’s old designer jeans from them, and chopping them up for their dolls. The perceived value is really high. So, the idea, if somebody wanted to just focus on jeans and skirts and do this 100% of the time, you’d really make a name for yourself. There are brand issues, particularly related to using logos and such, but if you chop up True Religion Jeans, you have to be able to say that…and once you worked through the legalities of what you can and cannot say, and people start to know you for that 1 cool idea – you’d grow and grow!