Auction Blueprint: Price It Like Picasso

Hi everyone,

(Note: Since originally publishing our Auction Blueprint as separate pages and posts all across this website, we’ve consolidated it all into 1 single ebook pdf we are calling “Price It Like Picasso”. We also explained this in a longer post, read it here.

About the Auction Blueprint: Our auction blueprint is – just that – our blueprint for taking our completed projects out to the world. We started on Ebay, (in January of 2008), and we like it for auctions, (not buy-it-nows). When we started, we had auction prices ending in the $30 to $40 range and the occasional clunker down as low as $8, (yeah, that one still haunts us).

Over time we’ve worked hard to understand why people do (and don’t) pay more. We are very aware that there are people selling their doll clothes for higher prices than us. We’re certainly not trying to suggest that we know everything, or that this is a comprehensive ‘perfect’ plan. But these are the 9 things we focus on to ensure we get good results.

I realize some of you might say – “EBAY? I GAVE UP ON THOSE BUMS A LONG TIME AGO”. Please just read the book …we go into great lengths to explain why running a successful auction is important to your business success.

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