Hi everyone,

We are so excited about the launch of the 2nd edition of Craft Business Power. It’s available in both Kindle and Paperback and we are running a special promotional price for the first week.


We also thought we’d run a fun comment contest. To enter simply respond to this post and answer the question,

“my business can become _______________.” (Tell us whatever you’d like about what your business can grow into!)


The first place winner will receive a free pass to the next Craft Business Academy which is set to start on July 1st. You can learn more here. The winner will also receive a free autographed copy of the book.

We will also pick 3 runner-up winners and they will each receive an autographed copy of the book.

Contest Dates

The contest ends on Sunday March 15th at Midnight (Pacific).


No Purchase Necessary, void where prohibited. Yes we will ship internationally and international participants are permitted as long as this contest is not prohibited in your country. Your mileage may very.

141 Comments on Craft Business Power 2nd Edition Contest

  1. “my business can become not just so successful that I can quit my day job and focus on my home-business; thanks to this program

    • “not” should have been deleted on previous post…Thanks

  2. My business can become the key to a bigger house for out family and less stress on my husband.

  3. My business can become real! 🙂 I aspire to have an online business, but could use help figuring out a step-by-step plan to realize this goal.

  4. My business can be a reality AND something I enjoy building and growing as much as the products I create.

  5. My business can become more than a hobby if I would put more time in to it.

  6. my business can become not only the crafting outlet that I need and enjoy, but the income that I need to leave my job and sell my crafting full time.

  7. my business can become a profitable outlet for my creative energy. I want it to be a fun way to share my ideas … great ideas equal great sales.

  8. My Business can become the income that I need to be able to stay home and take care of my children.

  9. My business can become the reason why I enjoy every day because I am doing what I love.

  10. My business could become my “extra-don’t have to account for” dream money if I would just become less afraid of just doing it and start… sad but very honest…

  11. my business can become anything I want it to be. Thanks to Cinnamon and Jason!!!!!!!!

  12. My business can become a creative and purely enjoyable venue in which to supplement our retirement years.

  13. My business can become profitable so my husband does not have to go out of state for work.

  14. My business can become not only extra income (eventually the majority of my income) for myself, but a way to help those in my family, church and community.

  15. My business can become a reality and provide a source of revenue to supplement my retirement in the future.

  16. My business can become a profitable and thriving income base that gives me a sense of accomplishment.

  17. As well as an outlet for creative joy, my business can become successful and sustainable.

  18. Now I can have my business “dream” become a reality. I love sewing with your patterns and have been successful at local craft shows. To start my own business would be a dream come true. Your information and patterns are invaluable. Thank you for being there.

  19. a profitable entity that can make me money from the things I love to do!

  20. My business can become above anything I can imagine! Looking forward to reading the book on my Kindle!

  21. My business can become a great source of income and fun in my life if I work on it.

  22. my business can become successful and profitable.

  23. My business can become the additional income we need in addition to the creative outlet I need!

  24. My business can become my day job.

  25. My business can become amazing but only from what I put into it. If I reach for the top and do the work necessary, I know I can get there.

  26. My business can become the reality of the dream that I’ve been building towards. Several years in the making but the last 18 months have seen a new sewing room/shop take shape. I should be in it by the end of this month! Woo hoo!!! 🙂 Thank you for all I’ve learned from your newsletters & classes etc. I love your patterns.

  27. My business can become a testament that hard work and with the grace of God, all things are possible. I have been trying so hard and not getting very far. Reading your books have shown me steps I needed to take and I am feeling like things are starting to click. Thank You.

  28. My Business can become extra income, but also a way to express the creative side of me

  29. My business can become my golden ticket to retiring early! My adult children need me just as much as when they were small and the thought of having a successful craft business where I can be home and help when the grandchildren start coming gives me tremendous joy!

  30. My business can become successful as I continue to learn and grow.

  31. My business can become … the segue from my clinical work as a pediatric Occupational Therapist into my long-term goals of speaking, teaching, presenting, writing and coaching parents.

  32. My business can become my opportunity to retire and supplement my income. It will enable me to have much more time to do what I love to do.

  33. My business can become profitable.

  34. my business can become not only an avenue for funding my creative outlet, but also a retirement business that will give us the extra income boost to travel as we dreamed during retirement.

  35. My business can become stable and a regular source of income and satisfaction.

  36. My business can become not just an income, but also provide satisfaction for a job well done, a tribute to my parents who encouraged me to learn, and a blessing to children and adults who enjoy the product.

  37. My business can become profitable and fun so I can retire and stay at home while raising my 2 granddaughters.

  38. My business can become whatever I want it to be. If I’m willing to listen to learn and to use what talents I possess, I can create what others will want and feel good about. If I remember to reach beyond myself and contribute to others, I can create more than a business, it can become my legacy.

  39. My business can become the means for me to extend my unique vision and leave a legacy for future generations.

  40. My business can become so successful and stable that I am planning to compete with the major players in the industry.

  41. My business can become a fulfillment of my dream to make and design dolls and their clothing for all to enjoy.

  42. My business can become as successful as my family and friends think it should be, and as successful as I know it can be.

  43. My business can become something that can fulfill my dream of being a stay at home mom instead of having to work full-time to support my family.

    • My business will become a major contributor to Lydia’s Tailoring Centre Foundation, formed to raise funds to build a sewing school in the Kibera slum in Nairobi Kenya.

  44. My business can become our retirement dream.

  45. My business can become a place of dreams for all little girls wanting to dress their little girls in the best way possible..

  46. My business can become a creative way to combine my passion for creating beautiful designs that uplift and delight the wearer (both human or doll!) with my goal to manifest a solid passive income stream that not only provides my family with financial freedom, but inspires other artists and designers to take action on their dreams. If I can do it, then everyone can!

  47. My business can become a reality as I wrap up 22 years of homeschooling next year. I would like to be able to supplement my husband’s retirement income with the creative business I would love to start.

  48. My business can become more than the occasional craft show I enjoy with my granddaughter. I have her to blame for my AG doll addiction. She is my 10 year old sewing partner. I have LJ to thank for all those patterns that have helped her learn to sew.

  49. My (future) business can become an income for partial retirement, so we can enjoy what we do and enjoy life.

  50. My business would grow into something fun and cool. I love sewing

  51. My (future) business can become an income for partial retirement so we can enjoy what we do and enjoy life.

  52. My business can become a family owned business. We have many talents that can be harnessed together to make one successful business.

  53. My business can become…. a way of sustainable living while helping others enjoy life with my creativity and efforts.

  54. My business can become my ticket to retirement!! I already have a ton of stock both raw supplies and finished items. Would love to win the contest.
    thanks Cathy

  55. My business can help me afford to continue to be a stay-at-home mom even as my little one starts kindergarden in September.

  56. My business can become an inspiration to my six granddaughters that you can combine a labor of love and financial stability.

  57. I want my business to become something that many people know about. And on top of that I want it to be a business that people trust and love to buy from.

  58. My business can become just that, a business and no longer just a hobby. I am positive my creative outlet can be profitable with the right know how and directions. I could make a profit doing what I love and that is my dream.

  59. My business can become what I have dreamed of for years! I can create a craft business and along the way create a new me – one that is happy and likes what I am doing with my life!

  60. My Business Can Become Something That Not Only Helps Support Me, But Is An Inspiration To Other Small Crafting Businesses.

  61. My business can become more than sewing for my grand-daughter and I can retire to do what I love-sew! I have no idea where to start.

  62. My business could be an AMAZING opportunity for me to bring in income while doing something that I enjoy!

  63. My (friends) business can become alive. I would gift this prize to a close friend who has had her own craft shop for over a year. She could benefit greatly from the information and struggle less. I really want to see her business succeed.

  64. My business can become reality..and no longer a wish. So that I may finally be able to share my products with potential clients, knowing that they will enjoy them as much as I love creating them.

  65. My business could become the final chapter in a life long interest in sewing, dolls and miniatures. It could make my retirement possible and more fulfilling than my work life has been. For the first time in my life I could be really happy.

  66. “my business can become my ticket to self reliance.”

  67. My business can become the means by which I am more effectively able to reach out and serve those around me as I grow in business and personal relationships.

  68. My business can become a way to help someone else. As Andy Stanley said, “Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone”. You have become a personal inspiration. Thank-you for all you are doing and sharing valuable opportunities so freely.

  69. My business can become the source for me to continue to sew with the purpose of providing less fortunate girls with affordable doll clothes.

  70. My business can become so successful that I can teach 1000’s of kids to learn to sew, I can have tons of pre-made kits for them to sew, and purchase an adorable fun house with every sewing gadgets available.

  71. My business will become a way for me to have a creative outlet and do something I love. It will allow me to continue to stay home, and be flexible with my schedule, as my husband’s day to day schedule is always subject to change on short notice.

  72. My business can become more than a dream. It can become a successful reality!

  73. “my business can become MY UTOPIA.”
    My business will be my segue to financial freedom, sooth my need to craft, and allow me to be available to my family 24/7.

  74. My business can become my dream job: work that isn’t work – because I get to do the things I love, everyday.

  75. My business can became a blessing, and a light to the people around me.

  76. My business can become the income replacement needed to start investing in real estate and building other streams of income so we can GIVE and invest in others more!

  77. My business can become OUR business so my wonderful husband of 40 years and I can fulfill a dream for us to work together from home.

  78. My business could become spectacular! A dream come true! I could do extra things for others, for my kids….what a blessing, what joy 🙂 Thanks for your great work!

  79. My business can become the fulfillment of a dream. An artist wants nothing more than to share his or her vision with the world. Sewing is an art and means of self expression. My business gives me the opportunity to create and share my love of artistry in design and execution with others who love design in miniature.

  80. My business can become the avenue to allow me and my husband freedom in retirement. Freedom to visit our grandchildren, travel for business and pleasure and to fulfill our dreams. You are never too old to dream.

  81. profitable to me and a blessing to little girls.

  82. My business can become profitable to me and a blessing to little girls.

  83. Fierce!!! Many ideas but not enough production.

  84. My business can become an extra income so I can be more available to help my new husband with our missions and his leadership work. It can also finally allow me to express my God-given talents and use them to further our desire to serve.

  85. My business can become a way for my family to spend time together while making enough money to enable my husband to consider a lower paying, more fulfilling job.

  86. My business can become well-known if I invest the time to market it.

  87. My business can become…The fulfillment of my dreams to create beautiful, heirloom-quality clothing and sell it to appreciative girls and collectors. My business would be to bring back the culture and fine clothing of bygone eras and introduce girls to the history of our country, and bring collectors the historical styles and vintage looks they want for their dolls.

  88. My business can become a go to resource for those trying to make big left brain concepts into solid right brain experiences (mainly through art & craft)to enhance and deepen understanding.

    • My business can become the source income I will need to fund my son’s college education and when I retire from my day job in a few years.

  89. My business can become a legacy that I can proudly pass on to my granddaughters who also love to sew.

  90. My business can become my dream-come-true which drives my passion to earn a living at something I love!

  91. . . . can become my creative outlet for my doll calling (especially to help finance it) as well as something I can develop while I stay home as a caregiver.

  92. My business can become a way to help my family financially with our medical bills and upcoming college tuitions.

  93. my business can become my truly my own!!

  94. “My small business can grow into a large team of successful and creative social media artist, marketers and managers.”

  95. My business could become extra income so I could do more traveling and be able to help my grandsons to become whatever they want when they are grown.

  96. My business can become….a true reflection of who I am. With the help of the newest techologies on the market we are lucky enough to be more organized and also to broaden our knowledge and have information right at our fingertips to share with our customers. Folks are very interested when they see what is out there and how we arrive at some of our achievements. I try to incorporate my specialaties in any crafts that I do. Sometimes this takes me to places I never dreamed I would be in – it’s very cool! Thank you for the contest. Your product sounds awesome! :o) Mary Margaret

  97. My business can become more efficient and smooth-running so I can concentrate on just creating a beautiful product and assuring that my customers will be thrilled with their purchases. My goal is for my business to be more profitable so I can pay off my debt. I also suffer from debilitating pain due to Fibromyalgia and spinal problems. Maybe, with financial success, I can finally find a way to free myself of this pain. I am the soul-support of myself and my amazing daughter. I work through my pain to make a life for her. She is my inspiration.

  98. My business can become the place where dreams come true for all who visit. MY dream is to teach art to kids of all ages and economic levels. Thank you, Jason and Cinnamon, for leading the way by making your dream come true.

  99. My business can become life changing. Starting a business can help with my family’s needs, give me a creative outlet and much more.

  100. “my business can become a new reality to bring back kindness and giving through the expression of Art.”
    I would like for my home business to mean more than just money and profit. One of my goals would be to use the money to help fund scholarships for those in need; invest in reform projects for food/water/shoes/clothes/books, etc in areas of deep poverty and ultimately, my expression through Art. Its very empowering when the imagination comes to life and inspires others and that has been what pixie faire has been for me.

  101. My business can finally become an actuality and not just a dream for the future. I’ve been making my granddaughters AGD clothes using your patterns. I’m having so much fun. Making doll clothes is more fun than making ‘people’ clothes or quilting.

  102. My business can become profitable; especially if I have a clearer idea of what steps to take. 😉 I’m learning, but it is a slow process and I need to invest more time into it!

  103. My business can become just what I need to supplement my retirement income.

  104. My business can become extra income in my retirement years. It is so important to stay involved, active and busy; part of a healthy lifestyle.

  105. my business can become a way to support my family, but also to allow low income people to be able to purchase items for cheaper and still have it be top quality.

  106. My business could become an outreach to help those in need.

  107. my business can become – will become a reality with dedicated work.

  108. My business can become sustainable and profitable enough for me to better support my children and provide them with a model that hard work done smartly can become rewarding and life-changing.

  109. My busines could be my way out of poverty.

  110. My business will bring back quality toys for children to play with. Toys that are durable and stimulate imagination. Toys that teach through playing. I can’t wait!

  111. My business can become an inspiration of success for others that dream of establishing one of their own.

  112. I wish my bisness would be to do thing I am like and help other through art and craft

  113. My business can become the avenue to help others enrich their lives and to create that wonderful feeling of accomplishment in my own.

  114. My business can become a fun and inspirational way for girls to creatively express themselves through play.

  115. My business can become
    More than…
    …a tax deduction
    …a craft hobby to distract from pain
    …one little girl giving me a thumbs-up when her doll models one of my creations

  116. My business can become an outlet for me to feel like I’m contributing to our needs. I’m not very computer savvy and I’m a little scared to try to sell online. I did finally start a pintrest
    account but I haven’t posted anything. I guess I’m a slow starter. I would really love to read your book.

  117. My business can become my dream from when I was 18 and did not peruse to get married and have children. 40 years later, maybe it can come true.

  118. My business can become a Superhero!

  119. My business can become a reality from a life long dream ever since I was a little girl. This course will give me the foundation of solid rock that I can then start and grow my business upon. I dream of running an online gift shop selling various items including doll clothes. When customers purchase a gift it’s really a gift that keeps on giving. I will then give a majority of the profits to support charities locally and globally. I want to use my gift and passion of crafts to help and bless others around the world.

  120. My business can become a valuable contribution to the craft as well as my family income and goals.

  121. My little business can become a career that merges work with joy!

  122. My business can become everything I hoped it could be and so much more.

  123. My business can become a Business if I only had the know how to do it! It could turn my retirement years into a new career.

  124. My business can become a way to retire from working 2 jobs and also have the most fun ever doing what I love to do, all while being rewarded with an income. Yay!

  125. My business can become a way that my husband and I can work and travel together as we enjoy our golden years. Knowing that my creative energy as big as it is can be at work whether I am at home in my “Doll House” shop or in our RV.

  126. My business can become inspirational as well as productive. Why inspirational? Well to inspire others to reach for their dreams and enter the world of sewing where you take a simple piece of cloth and turn it into something magical. Productive so as to have more of an income and less of a hobby.

  127. My business can become an opporrtunity to create unique and beautiful items. A chance to work with an amazing partner and truly enjoy what we do.

  128. My business can became my creative outlet and an opportunity to create for my girls.

  129. My business can become….a pathway for creative endeavors (melding of skills amassed over the years), enrichment of income and to provide an outlet for the exploration and development of new ideas.

    Looking forward to launching a line of doll clothing and accessories, discovering my niche in that business and watching it grow and become successful.

  130. “my business can become, fashion central were little girls and their dolls are best friends for life that dress a like were memories are made.

  131. My business can become a new way of life for me to feel useful and a contributor to our household, giving me the confidence boost I need. Hubby is working overtime to cover my job redundancy.

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