Email Marketing Power3DHey all, if you aren’t aware, we think Jeff Walker is the “real deal”. He created the “Product Launch” strategy and has a lot of wisdom.

In this video you can listen to what he says about email marketing – he calls it the #1 Rule For Building Your Online Business – and we totally agree. In this helpful video he also talks about the 2nd step in email marketing – how to build a good relationship with your followers.

We hope you enjoy this video – and remember, our Email Marketing Power ebook is just .99 cents! At that price you really can’t go wrong!


2 Comments on Jeff Walker Talks About Email Marketing

  1. The last part of what Jeff talks about here, focusing on the relationship with the list as if they are your friends, is something that is missing in so much business advice. I am in the process of reinventing myself, spreading my wings from a very successful career in a smallish industry. It’s a big step to be so open about my life and what’s going on, but what I’m finding is that people are responding. Of course, whether that translates into bucks is another question. I’m not really selling anything yet. Just building the relationship. Really, inviting them on the journey.

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