[Update – Contest Ended – Thanks for participating everyone! The winner was chosen on the 5th – Congrats to Lori B from Indianaย she has been contacted and the books have been sent. The new book will be out in June – stay tune for more info about it – and thanks again.]

Hi everyone,

So I’ve got a new ebook ready to publish, but I don’t know what the title should be. I am hoping you can help me decide by participating in my 3 polls, (one poll about the title, one about the sub-title, and one about the color of the cover).

About The ebook: The ebook is all about increasing your income! It is filled with advice and recommendations about salary negotiation, strategies for getting promoted, and ultimately, how to create a small business revenue that can liberate you from the 9-5 world. Some of you may know that I started my 9-5 career as a compensation Analyst, then HR Generalist, then ultimately SVP in charge of HR (and Marketing). So I have lots of stories, tips, facts, and suggestions about how to optimize your most important asset – your income potential.

Okay, here is how I need your help…

Poll #1 – The Title, (Leave a comment on this post if you have a suggestion).

Poll #2 – The Sub-Title, (again, leave a comment on the post if you have a suggestion).

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 5.27.17 PM

Poll #3 – The Cover Color,ย (again, leave a comment on the post if you have a suggestion).

Bonus Comment Contest:ย [ENDED] Thank you all for helping me figure this out – I truly appreciate it. And, as a special bonus – if you leave a comment below – you’ll be automatically entered to win a fun book bundle from me. (No purchase necessary, void where prohibited). The winner will be chosen on Monday May 5th. They will be sent the following awesome prize:

1. A paperback copy of Instagram Power

2. A paperback copy of Youtube Marketing Power

3. A paperback copy of Craft Business Power

83 Comments on Help Me Decide On My New Book Title

  1. I like Paycheck Power because it goes along with all your other titles. Bulletproofing as the subtitle doesn’t give people any guarantees or promises you can’t keep. You just tell them how to do it, then the rest is up to them. And of course the color green is always what money is about! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Awesome! Y’all really write them fast. I love the “Salaries That Don’t Suck” title.

  3. Thank you for including me in your survey! I think this is going to be a great book! Thank you for the free books. My husband is a Pastor so I know that he (especially) will enjoy Self Publishing For Christian Leaders. And I’m pretty sure he will be able to pass it along to other Pastors!
    God Bless,

  4. Love it! first choice is income power, in keeping with your theme! I like Salaries that don’t suck as a subtitle … good luck!

  5. Got to go with green for the cover. Money = green!
    I didn’t really love any of the subtitle options listed in the survey but like what was written on the blue & black cover!

  6. I agree with Sandra- “Salaries That Don’t Suck” would make a good subtitle with “Income Power” as the title.

  7. I like Income Power as the title and the professional looking color of Blue.
    Good luck!!!!

  8. Great ideas! Just a suggestion–“I Will Teach You to Triple Your Income” is a good description, but it sounds a little wordy to me for a title. If it were me, I’d reduce it to something like “Learn to Triple Your Income.” And for the subtitle, perhaps something to the effect of “Secrets You Weren’t Taught at School.”

    I’m a Believer, and I dislike using the word “suck” in a title.

    God Bless! I know it will do well:)

  9. I like the power title, it fits with the rest of your books. Voted for red because that’s the one that stood out first, but green is good too!

  10. I like the power title, it fits with the rest of your books. Voted for red because that’s the one that stood out first, but green is good too! Personally, I think the word “suck” is over used and not professional

  11. Hi Jason,
    Stay with the Power title to match your other books. As others have said, green color cover reminds us of money. How did I miss your YouTube book?? I’m heading into that market in the next few days and your books have always given me abundant ideas and suggestions.

  12. I like short and sweet – Income Power with green for money. I like Bulletproof Your Income because so many people are living through uncertain times at work. Good luck!

  13. I like Income Power as it seems to follow from your other books. Bulletproof your income sounds stronger than the others to me. I voted for blue because I am always drawn to blue books on a shelf of books, but green is good for the theme.

  14. I like the use of green for the cover since green = money. But i love the $ watermark on the blue cover. It is sutle but eye catching all at the same time. Best wishes on you new book!

  15. Salaries that Don’t Suck – Bulletproofing – this sounds exciting, not TOO serious and, most of all, eye-catching and different from all the other financial self-help books out there. Sharp blue and black mean business and will appeal to the younger crowd. Can’t wait to read it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!

  16. I think the theme of your book is very timely. We all know the internet is the elevator up to the future. I’d have to go with green for the cover and suggest the $ be added as it is shown on the blue cover.
    I have several relatives that are youth ministers and preachers that I believe would appreciate your free book. Thanks for writing something to help all the “little guys”.

  17. I’m so glad to be a partner! I downloaded the PDF so I hope to get the chance to read it this weekend. Paycheck Power sounded catchy to me and the Blue cover with Black lettering is Bold but not over the top! Thanks for keeping us in the Loop!
    Flo aka momflorn

  18. I love your books and just need to put all the good information into practice. I like the green cover as green is always an upper for me.

  19. Green / money. I like income power. Please do do use the word “suck”. Too street language for professional use.

  20. I like the green cover as well since this has to do with MONEY. I like the get paid 3x more for the title. From other books you’ve written, somehow, numbers seem to draw people and I think it goes well with what rich people know and poor people don’t. Just my humble opinion.

  21. Thanks for the opportunity to help you. I love your enthusiasm and generosity. I think ‘Income Power’ fits best with your other titles and the blue/black cover is the most eye-catching of the four.
    I wish you every success.

  22. Everyone else has said what I want to say. I just like blue it is a cool colour and appeals to me It is a sort of trustworthy and understated colour.
    Doubling my income is definitely something that would appeal to me and that I would not think too flashy or farfetched and that I agree would be possible. So many statements on similar books promise too much and become suspect. But then I am a Brit and we don’t do flashy.

  23. I think a modified version of the subtitle could be: what the wealthy know and the rest of is need to know (wish they knew), or something along those lines. No matter which title you choose, this is going to be great information!

  24. I like Income Power w/green & white for the color. Green promotes the Income Power. I agree with the comment , not to use the word “suck”, you are to professional for that type of language. Good luck with you adventure. You provide great feedback for all of use crafters.

  25. It doesn’t matter what you call it, or the cover!! You’re an awesome writer and entrepreneur and will excel with this book!! Sounds interesting and I’d love to read it!! P.S. I hope you tried out for Shark Tank!!

  26. “What The Richly Paid Know, That The Poorly Paid Do Not” .to me, implies that poorly paid people are dumb. It may turn people off?

  27. Salaries That Don’t Suck – I would certainly check that out to see what it was about! Love the idea of the book – we could all use those skills.

  28. Ditto about keeping with “Power” in the titles as a series. Great word and is what the books offer.
    Just read the book. It’s a perspective changer for most, and should be required reading for college students who are so focused on “getting a job” with some amorphous goal beyond. And truly, wouldn’t an employer be well-served to hand this book to prospective employees? Isn’t it better to have employees who are working for goals rather than job-holders?

    • Thank you so much Jodie – I truly appreciate that feedback. When it’s live on Amazon I’d love it if you remembered to cut & paste this into a review. I do hope this book helps a lot of college grads and is embraced by employers.

  29. I like paycheck power because it relates to to everyday people who are trying to live and grow starting from just their paycheck. I also like retirement in half the time because those who want to increase their revenue and to get out the 9-5 crap before they are 50! As for the colors Blue and white tend to be used with mutual funds and banks because they show security and loyalty. I would loos the $ sign though. Also the fonts you have selected in their ratio to the book are screaming at the reader. Do you want to scream at them or talk to them?

  30. Income Power and Bulletproof your income, both let the reader know that the power is in their hands to success. Thanks for all the great books.

  31. Thank you for all the help you give us in these books.Your knowledge without going to college.

  32. I know Income Power goes with your other ones, but for someone who doesn’t have your other titles and is looking for something to help them with their Salary, getting a bigger paycheck, and so on, just may not get income power. Your title should be something that tells what the book is about to catch more people. Income power just doesn’t seem as powerful as your other titles that you have. Just my opinion.

    • Thanks Julie, I appreciate that – yeah – it’s a hard one to figure out -which is why I thought I’d do this poll.

  33. I look forward to reading the content. Income Power works back to your series, green & white for the “money” theme and the subtitle really should be “what the richly paid know and everyone else needs to know.” Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us. Blessings to your family.

  34. I can’t wait to see the finished book! I picked The blue and black cover because it stood out to me more.

  35. I really want to know what the “richly paid know that the poorly paid do not”. I also want to triple my income. Hope your book gives me some useful ways to make this happen.

  36. Love the green cover. I really like the “Income Power” title but none of the subtitles really grabbed me. I don’t think words from the title should be repeated in the subtitle. I also feel like you should avoid negative words when promoting, although “Salaries that Don’t Suck” is kind of catchy. I think the title should be short and sweet with a slightly longer subtitle. “Income Power: Secrets to a Substantial Salary”? I also really like Hope’s suggestion of “What the Richly Paid Know and Everyone Else Needs to Know”. Good luck with your new book!

  37. You’re on fire with all these publications! Congratulations. I look forward to your new release.

  38. I like green for money and Income Power because it relates to employment and self employment as well. And the subtitle “What the richly paid know….” promises to share a secret and makes people feel like part of an exclusive club.

  39. Thank you for the opportunity for input and congratulations on seeing the fruits of your labor!

  40. I like a variation on “Salaries That Don’t Suck” – How about “Earning a Salary That Doesn’t Suck”?

    This makes it more visceral for the reader. You want to talk to them about their problem – address their pain. “Salaries That Don’t Suck” could just be about Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. I like income power using the blue design. I hope this proves to be a successful adventure for you.

  42. I like the green color of the book the best. But I like the descriptive copy on the red one the best. I think that “Double your income, Reduce your work, and Create true abundance” fit the content of the book the best.

  43. Page 4, try since where sense is. page 15, regarding “Think hard the future needs re-wording.
    page 19, leave off the -ed in “messed”.

  44. I chose the blue with black lettering because everyone seems to have the white lettering and it’s easier to read. I look forward to reading your draft later this evening. Bullet proof your income is a good sub title…of course it doesn’t guarantee but it says….here is how to do it …. or, follow this pattern and you’ll be well on your way. Best Wishes!

  45. I like Paycheck Power and Quickly Gain Salary Power (or Quickly Gain Paycheck Power) Thank you for the book!!!!!

  46. This sounds like a great book, and can’t wait till it comes out! I love Paycheck Power – I think the alliteration makes it a much more memorable title than Income Power.

  47. I believe the titles with numbers in them will outsell the other titles. I’d probably go with something like “learn to increase your salary by 3x in 3 weeks: secrets from the employee tracking vault.”

  48. The book seems to be about salary/paychecks, then shifts mid-way into transitioning from that world into developing a small business, so any titles or subtitles that focus on one subject to the exclusion of the other would possibly disappoint or confuse the buyer searching for books.

    The title “Income Power” addresses both aspects. Subtitles about salary or raises do not. “What the Richly Paid Know that the Poorly Paid Do Not” is long and awkward. “Bulletproof Your Income” better describes the book’s goal accurately and succinctly.


    • Okay, I used Google Translate and I think you said you’re voting for the red cover ๐Ÿ™‚ That was a fun puzzle. All the best.

  50. Income Power does go along with the other 3 books titles and I like the green and white cover because I think of money! I also liked Salaries That Don’t Suck because it represents you working for yourself and not someone else. Thanks for sharing all your exciting news with us!

  51. I like the title “income power and the sub-title about what the rich know and not the poor. I like the color green for the cover becuse that is the color of money.

  52. I liked Paycheck Power, captures the attention on what we all work for, a way to get more out of our paychecks. Thanks for always putting together such current information for your readers!

  53. I love your contest and my vote is Income Power and I would love to win your books I enjoy reading your books. I enjoy all your information thanks

  54. I like the title “Income Power” and think it would look great with a blue cover!!

  55. good luck. I think the salaries that dont suck title reduces your credibility and reminds of those guys that do the income making informercials and then charge a fortune to teach their system to you.

  56. I personally like the “Income Power” with the green cover. Hey, we all want a little more green in our lives.
    Blessings in what ever you decide.
    Love being a part of your endeavors!

  57. I like the green cover along with the bulletproof your income. Having been laid-off three years in a row; it would be great to know how to make ends meet if it happens again.

    • Thanks Peter – be sure to grab a copy of the PDF version โ€ฆI’m going to take it down later today.


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