cover 11This is a continuation of our Pricing Power – 10 Proven Pricing Principles posts. See the prior post, #1#2#3, and #4 here.

Pricing Principle #5 – Your Price Can Vary Depending On How Presold Your Prospect Is. If your prospects are eagerly awaiting your new product, then you can charge a lot more than if they aren’t familiar with you or your product.

[ This post has been truncated so that the full collection of pricing principles can be placed on the Kindle platform as Craft Pricing Power. For the spring of 2014 you can download it for free on the last Friday of every month. Get it here. ]

10 Comments on Pricing Principle #5 – Your Price Can Vary Depending On How Presold Your Prospect Is

  1. Hi Jason,

    These principles are excellent! They are well written, sensible and achievable. Thanks for sharing this.


  2. I can see clearly that you practice what you preach, and Liberty Jane’s success is proof. I admire your team’s determination, creativity and brand. Thanks for setting the bar.

  3. I have been thinking about developing product lines for a while now. I have been specializing on one type of product up until now because it has worked for me. But, everything doesn’t always stay the same, and I need to evolve. I think using a theme is very important. I’ve been sitting on the sidelines a bit because I hadn’t been able to choose. (Maybe an inner battle going on? 🙂 But, now I have a couple themes in mind and can’t wait to try them out this year.

  4. I have enjoyed learning alot from these principles thanks Jason and Cinnamon and the rest of the Liberty Jane team!

  5. Great steps! I love how the potential customer is hooked through the tidbits of info released prior to the product debut. Awesome way to create and sustain desire for the final product.

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