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Here’s #2…

Do not despise the day of small

Have you ever heard of the Corridor

The Corridor Principle is a concept
in entprenuership that simply
states that…

Open doors become obvious to you as
you move forward with a venture,
that would not have otherwise been
noticable if you hadn’t started
down the path.

Here is the thing – You’re not just
sewing and selling doll clothes.
You’re starting a business. And the
business you’re starting today might
look completely different 10 years
from now. It might be an empire.

You can’t build next year’s business,
you have to start right where you are,
with your current idea and business
concept – and march forward. New doors
will open when the time is right.

So how do you take advantage of the
corridor principle?

First, you start now, don’t wait for
everything to be perfect. Just do
what you can, with what you have,
and commit to learn as much as possible.
Achieve some success with an initial
effort. Do it for a while and see
how it goes.

Next you want to ask yourself 3 key

1. “What should I change”
2. “What should I change it to”
3. “How should I make the change”

These questions were first outlined
in a book entitled ‘The Goal’ by
Elehu Goldraith, and it’s considered
a business classic.

These questions prompt you to evaluate
what’s working well, what’s not, and
what you should do about it.

Knowing the next move to make in a
business is one of the most difficult
challenges entreprenuers face.

See, here’s the thing – it’s easy to
spot brilliant ideas after they are
out-there and successful.

But incredibly hard to see them in
your minds eye,
before anyone else does. But the more
you try, the better you get at using
your business intuition.

It’s said that Steve Jobs walked
around for years (like decades) with
a little 8X7 black paper note book,
and he would say, “some day I want
to have a computer that is this small”.

But there were technical reasons,
(related to battery life), that
stopped him from getting Apple to
create that type of tablet computer.

Then his team started working on the
initial MP3 player, which became the
ipod. And they jumped into it
aggressively, creating Itunes, and
inventing a whole new industry.

Then the Iphone came along, and it
changed the cell phone industry.
(Over 15 billion apps have
been downloaded now in fact).

Then finally, because the battery
technology improved radically, he
could finally create the small tablet
computer – which of course is the
Ipad. And again, it revolutionized

But it didn’t happen all at once, or
overnight. It was iterative, moving
from one concept to the next logical
concept. One small step at a time.

Bottomline – do not despise the day
of small beginnings. Start down the
corridor, keep your eyes open for new
ideas, and never, never, never give
up! Empires don’t happen if you give

You can do this!

Jason & Cinnamon