So we recently wrote an article about how to get a nice logo made. You might be wondering how official trademarks work, and how you go from where you are now, to an ‘official’ registered trademark. Great question. It’s a question we had to investigate and learn about too, and you might want to as well. There is a process, and it’s outlined nicely on the Fashion Law Blog. Rather than re-phrase the article, we’ll just share the link here. If you have aspirations of going from ‘home-made’ to a formally recognized brand, then follow these 4 simple steps outlined in their article.

Ah, for those of you who are putting this all together – then YES it’s probably wise to start the entire Naming/Branding effort with one simple question in mind – “Can I formally register this name as a Trademark, or does somebody else already own it?”. Going thru the 4 steps in this process will help answer that question. Obviously it would be a waste of time to create and launch a name and logo, only later to discover that someone else already has a legal claim to it.

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  1. Hi, you mentioned the link to the Fashion Law Blog regarding trademarking. Where can I find the link. Thanks.

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