Hi everyone,

Hopefully by now you’ve realized that effective photography is a real key to our selling strategies. And once you have effective photography, you can repurpose your pictures to add ‘wow’ to your Ebay listings, or other selling pages. Here are three things we like to do:

1. Animoto! Animoto lets you turn still pictures into an interesting movie with sound and effective visuals. Best of all, it’s free and very easy to use. If you export your Animoto video into Youtube, then you can embed it into your auction listings.

2. Photobucket, (Okay we don’t really love Photobucket as a tool, but we like what it does for us, and we haven’t been willing to change to another photo sharing tool, if you have  a recommendation, please share it). Anyway, with Photobucket, you can upload pictures, then embed them in your auction listing. This makes your inclusion of LOTS of pictures totally free. We generally add 3 or 4 pictures via Ebay, then add more via Photobucket.

3. Quotes! Don’t assume that your watchers or bidders will go look at your previously sold items, and /or any feedback you might have received. Include your best quotes in your listings! This is called ‘social proof’ and it’s a very powerful. This is ‘old-school’ WOW.

If you have suggestions for adding ‘wow’ let us know. If you have questions about any of these suggestions, let us  know.