Provoking Customer Response

Hi everyone,

This weekend Cinnamon and I were asked to speak at an event in Monterey – so we took the opportunity to also celebrate our 20th Annivesary! So I shot this week’s video on the balcany – and I focused on answering the question,

“do you have a challenge getting people to respond to your marketing messages?”

Watch the video on Youtube at this link:

Comment Contest: As an example of one response-provoking method – I’m adding a fun comment contest to this post. Simply answer the question,

“I could provoke customers to engage with my products by doing _____________.”

Give me an idea or two, (and if you can’t think of any – that’s okay too – just tell me what you think about this topic). In 3 days, (September 2nd), I’ll pick a winner at random and they’ll receive 3 of my best-selling books…

Craft Business Power: 15-Days To A Profitable Online Craft Business

Instagram Power: Build Your Brand And Reach More Customers With The Power Of Pictures

Youtube Marketing Power: How To Use Video To Find More Prospects, Launch Your Products, Reach A Massive Audience

And – for those of you who prefer to print out the post – I made you a nice little booklet.


Provoking Customer Response

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How To Start Your Freedom Business While Avoiding Assumed Requirements

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Hi everybody,

In this week’s video I explain what “assumed requirements” are – and how to overcome them so you can start your freedom (online) business today!

Plus – I’ve got the full transcript saved as a little PDF booklet file for ya – almost like a little booklet. I hope you enjoy it. But please note – it’s a transcript of the video so it’s not necessarily the smoothest of writing.


Ps. I’d love to hear your perspective – tell me what you think – are you battling against any assumed requirements that are stopping you from starting or growing your online business?

Pps. I’d be super grateful if you’d pin the booklet or the video to Pinterest! Thanks in advance!


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First Year Worst Year? Next Year Best Year!

Hi everyone,

In this week’s video I talk about overcoming your first year-worst year – and share strategies for making next year your best year. Tell me what you think – was your first year your worst year?

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Check Out

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Russell Wilson’s Question That Will Change Your Business!

Hi all,

In this week’s video I share a story I recently heard about Russell Wilson and Michael Jordan – I think it might help you build your business to a new level.

Tell me what you think – do you have a team that helps you grow? Or are you working alone and in need of a team? Let me know if your partnerships are helping you grow – or hindering your success!

Any trouble seeing the video? Watch it on Vimeo Here:

Ps. Here’s a pic of me meeting Russell (what an honor!)

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 7.50.12 PM

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Labor Day Question And Acronym

Hi everyone,

In this week’s video I ask  you a critical question – and share a Labor Day acronym…

Tell me what you think – are you happy with the work you do?


Ps. here are some of the links I mention in the video:

Arbitrage: Proven Amazon Course

Craigslist: Appliance School

Tee-Shirt Business

Etsy: Craft Business Power & Etsy Power

Sourcing At Tradeshows – Selling Online






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Using Amplifiers To Increase Sales

Hi everyone,

In this week’s episode I discuss “amplifiers” and how to use them to increase your sales.

Tell me what you think about “amplifiers” and let me know what questions you have about how to use them.

Ps. Yes – I happen to be wearing the same shirt on the same day two weeks in a row – I guess I’m going to have Cinnamon start helping me so I don’t keep doing that :)

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Adding Rituals To Increase Sales

Hi everyone,

In March of this year we started publishing our weekly newsletter with a commitment to doing it as a trial for 3-months to see how it would go. We are so grateful that many of you have tuned in regularly to learn about sales and marketing.

Today we are announcing a format change. We will continue doing the weekly newsletter but it is going to be morphed into a weekly video! From now on – We’ll be doing a short, practical, educational video each week. I hope you enjoy them. Let me know what you think about this first one – leave a comment below. Do you think adding rituals can help you improve your sales?


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What Every Amazon & Etsy Seller Ought To Know About Creating Your Own Website

Hi everyone,

The newsletter is online. You can download a printable copy here. I’ve also included all the content in this post!

Lots of sellers on eBay, Etsy, and Amazon have never gotten around to setting up there own website.

MSG Newsletter

Is that you?

That is a massive mistake that is costing you thousands of dollars – maybe tens-of-thousands, hundreds-of-thousands, or even millions!

Four Reasons You Need A Website

#1. Because the easiest place to tell your story is on your website. People buy from people – and they bond with people. If you want to have any hope of building a long-term relationship with buyers – you need to connect with them on an emotional level. Bonding is best done on your own website!

#2. Because the easiest place to collect email addresses is on your website. Regardless of whether you eventually sell product on your own site, or continue to sell it on the big ecommerce platforms (or both) your cheapest, easiest, and best advertising option is email marketing. And it is simple to collect email addresses on your own website, but almost impossible to collect them via the big ecommerce platforms. Imagine listing a new product (on your own site or on Amazon, eBay, or Etsy) and sending an email to 40,000 or 50,0000 eager buyers! Your email list obviously starts at zero, but the more you focus on capturing email addresses the bigger it will grow. When we “woke up” and realized this in 2009 we only had 125 email addresses on our list. Today we have over 40,000. You can do it too.

#3. Because you shouldn’t build a business on “property you don’t own”. If you’re building your entire business on Amazon, Etsy, or eBay, then you’re placing your future in the hands of those companies – not your own. Of course you can use sales on those sites to scale up your business, they make a great sales channel, but don’t rely on them 100%.

Even if you want to continue to sell exclusively on those sites, you should have a website up and running – and collecting email addresses – just in case you need to shift to being a direct seller through your own site.

#4. Because easiest place to give away freebies, promotions, and “ethical bribes” is on your own website.

Website Tools That Make It Easy

If you haven’t made your own website until now it must be because you believe it’s hard. While that might have been true a few years ago – it’s certainly not anymore. Here is a short list of the most simple website solutions.

The Best Beginner Platform:

The first thing you need to do is go to and create a site. You can purchase a domain name for something like $11 a year. Of course there are other options – ignore them. A site on the platform will serve you really well.

The Best Theme: DIVI

The look and feel of your website is controlled by the “theme”. The absolute best theme available is called “DIVI”. You can have it installed on your new wordpress site for as little as $5. Just look at this search on – DIVI Theme Installers.

The Best Email Integration Tool: Mailchimp

The most important aspect of your website is setting up an email collection form so you can begin regularly communicating with your followers. Mailchimp is simple and free to use until you reach 2,000 followers.

Conclusion: There is literally no reason to NOT have a website – and the benefits are undeniable. Spend a few hours this week making your new website a masterpiece. Work through the uncertainty and painful learning curve and come out victorious!

Jason & Cinnamon


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What Every Online Seller Ought To Know About The Substitution Effect

Hi everyone,

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 4.23.02 PMThe Newsletter is online. You can download a printable copy here. I’ve also included the entire text in this post as well. I hope you enjoy this one. It reveals some powerful keys to success!

Jason & Cinnamon

– – – – – – – – – –

There is an economic law called the “Substitution effect” which secretly undermines the work of some online sellers, while helping others.

Let me explain it and suggest ways you can “break the law”. The Substitution Effect says:

As buyers’ incomes decline (or overall prices in a marketplace rise) the buyer will replace expensive items with less expensive options.

In practical terms it means we all look for cheaper options when we’re feeling “tight” on funds. It’s a basic consumer behavior.

Substitution Effect Winners

When buyers are feeling the pressure to look for less expensive options a few winners emerge in every market – the lower priced sellers.

These sellers offer good products at discounted prices and as shoppers hunt for cheaper options they repeatedly chose these discount sellers.

Substitution Effect Losers

The first assumption is that it is the high priced sellers that are the losers. But guess what? it’s not!

The high priced sellers in each market don’t frequently feel the most dramatic impact of the substitution effect. These ultra-premium sellers are somewhat immune because they weren’t ever selling on “price”. They always tend to sell using techniques more aligned with “status” “quality” and “personal satisfaction”.

These sellers also tend to have powerful branding, high quality images, big email lists, and professional copywriting. All of these assets work together to help them combat the negative forces at play.

So who is the victim in the Substitution Effect scenario? The big victim is the mid-priced seller.

The mid-priced seller isn’t using “price” as their selling tool, nor are they using powerful “psychological selling tools” and well-honed business assets. They are simply benefiting from the flow of general consumer demand.

Four Ways To Avoid The Damage Caused By The Substitution Effect

So how do you stay clear of the negative impact of the Substitution Effect? Here are four ways,

#1 – Avoid The Deadly Middle: when it comes to pricing your work either become a low-cost provider, or work to be the ultra-premium provider. Avoid the deadly middle and you’ll suffer the smallest impact as buyers shift their behavior.

#2 – Be A Better Bonder: People buy from people and as they make purchasing decisions they consider who they are helping or hurting if you have a fantastic bond with the customer they are less likely to leave you for a generic alternative. Good bonds are forged by fantastic customer service, iron-clad refund policies, generosity and most importantly infusing your brand with personality!

#3 – Build Business Assets: If you can build an email list of several thousand (or tens of thousands) enthusiastic buyers – you’ve got a super weapon to combat the substitution effect. What are other ways you can build business assets? Work hard on your logo, clarify and strengthen the impact of your founder’s story, and increase your social media influence. You should also develop the discipline of having a certain amount of your monthly expenses used to advertise – say 5-10%. Learning how to advertise your work is part of a disciplined marketing program.

#4 Serve The Customer Instead of Just Selling A Product: The most important way to avoid the substitution effect is incredibly simple. If you serve the customer, rather than selling a specific product, then you will be open to changing your product offerings as the market changes. In other words you can offer lower priced alternatives as needed. Just make the differences between your higher and lower priced products very clear.

Conclusion: The Substitution Effect is a powerful economic force that YOU have to proactively combat if you want to maintain or grow revenue. You can do it!

Jason & Cinnamon


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Advertising On Pixie Faire

Hi everyone,

Instead of a normal newsletter this week we took the time to launch our new Pixie Faire advertising program. For those of you who are Liberty Jane Partners – and focus on doll clothes – this is for you – everyone else (our apologies) this one is “inside baseball” for our tribe. To learn more visit us on Pixie Faire…

pixie faire advertising

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