Pinterest Promoted Pins Walk-Through Video One

Hi friends,

I’m kicking off a serious of videos today – focused on the Pinterest Advertising Program. I hope you enjoy the first installment. Let me know if you have questions or comments. I’d love to hear your perspective.

Ps. If you want to go deeper with Pinterest Marketing be sure to visit my blog and get a copy of the bestselling book of all time on the topic of Pinterest Marketing – Pinterest Power!

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Strategies For Selling On Amazon With Terah Lites

Hi everyone,

Recently I sat down with Amazon seller Terah Lites to discuss her venture into the fun new world of online arbitrage – finding products and selling them on Amazon for a profit. I think you’ll really enjoy this interview:

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Craft Business Power 2nd Edition Contest

Hi everyone,

We are so excited about the launch of the 2nd edition of Craft Business Power. It’s available in both Kindle and Paperback and we are running a special promotional price for the first week.


We also thought we’d run a fun comment contest. To enter simply respond to this post and answer the question,

“my business can become _______________.” (Tell us whatever you’d like about what your business can grow into!)


The first place winner will receive a free pass to the next Craft Business Academy which is set to start on July 1st. You can learn more here. The winner will also receive a free autographed copy of the book.

We will also pick 3 runner-up winners and they will each receive an autographed copy of the book.

Contest Dates

The contest ends on Sunday March 15th at Midnight (Pacific).


No Purchase Necessary, void where prohibited. Yes we will ship internationally and international participants are permitted as long as this contest is not prohibited in your country. Your mileage may very.

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Simple Advertising That Works 12 Time Tested Principles

Hi everyone,

This week I have a free training for you focused on how to do simple advertising that works. It’s a about 20 minutes – and it’s completely free. I hope you enjoy it! I’d love to hear your feedback, either here on the Make Sell Grow blog, or in our thriving Make-Sell-Grow Facebook Group that now has over 3,000 people.

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Three Aspects Of A Great Partnership

Hi everyone,

In this week’s video I discuss 3 powerful aspects of a great partnership and ask the question,

“Do you believe in the power of partnerships to grow your business?”

I hope so!

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Auction Listing Secrets

Hi everyone,

In this week’s video I discuss 4 reasons we love auctions – and 4 strategies we use to get a good outcome. This isn’t a technical walk-through (HTML and such) but it’s an overview of the listing process we use. I hope you give auctions a try!

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6 Step Photography Tutorial Video

Hi everyone,

Today I’m sharing one of the videos from our Craft Business Academy. I think you’ll really enjoy it. I’d encourage you to consider jumping into our next Craft Business Academy course. It is schedule for July, but I’m considering offering it in March if there is enough interest.

Get tons of tutorials, tips, and techniques:

Get a used Canon 300D Listings On eBay:

Get a 50MM Portrait Lens Listings on Amazon:

I’d love to hear your tips for Product Photography – just add them as a comment.


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Pricing Nerd Resources

Hi everyone,

In this video I give you a walk-through of my “Pricing Nerd, Yes I Am” Pinboard.

Be sure to visit my collection – it includes some fantastic resources including:

  • 22 Pricing Strategies That Work
  • Etsy: How to calculate your expenses
  • The Science Of Pricing Infographic
  • How To Price Homemade Crafts
  • Psychological Pricing Explained
  • Price Elasticity explained video
  • Differentiating through Pricing video
  • How to handle price objections
  • Great pricing advice from the King Of Copy
  • The “Right Price” article
  • The complete guide to freemium business models
  • Charlie Munger on Pricing Power
  • Warren Buffett on Pricing Power
  • Introduction to Pricing lecture notes, (University of Delaware)
  • Cheaper Prices Don’t Help You Build Goodwill article
  • 3 Pricing mistakes article
  • Seth Godin – The 2 Reasons You’re Not Getting What You’re worth
  • The 9 Laws of Price Sensitivity and Consumer Psychology
  • Malcolm Gladwell on Grey Poupon Pricing (video)
  • Hal Varian (Google Guru) on Competition (video)
  • The art and science of pricing article

If you need help with pricing strategies – be sure to visit the pinboard at:

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When To Build A Website Vs. Selling On Marketplaces

Hi everyone,

This week I connected with a website expert, Diana Ratliff and asked her all about when (or if) to shift from marketplaces to selling on your own site. We discussed Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and more!

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Printrbot 3D Printing Entrepreneurship

Hi everyone,

Recently I met up with Jerry Siegel and he told me how he uses a Printrbot 3D printer to make items – then sells them on Amazon! Wow. What an interesting way to make-sell-and grow-a-business. I hope you enjoy this interview, (sorry the audio isn’t great).

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